April 20, 2023


Celebrating 420 day!

For all those participants in this camp, we've got you covered!

While weed may or may not be your thing, for the humans who like to use it it's always nice to have a place to stash your hash (...or your cell phone, rolling papers ID/cards, keys, or whatever else it is you need), yes?

With the new laws passed in Congress allowing more legal usages of marijuana, there are now many cannabis dispensaries in the area here in Chicagoland. Maybe that's true in your area, too?

We've visited a few of these places and noticed that some of them stock a variety of pot leaf decorated merchandise like shirts, bags, hats and the like. Perhaps these places should add our mary jane style pockets to their assortments to help out their people, too?

What say you? 


 (checkout our leaf pockets here and here)


April 03, 2023


Women Who Inspire Us: Victoria Zuchelli (creator of the Go Caddy water bottle tote)


  • What were the main driving forces that prompted you to create the Go Caddy?

The development of my GoCaddy grew out of the simple need to carry the fewest essentials in the smallest package on my visits to the gym. First, I needed a water bottle, so that became my basic shape. Next, I added a pocket for ID, money and cards, an elastic pouch, a carabiner for my keys, and a shoulder strap. When friends at the gym asked me where I got it, I realized that I could develop my idea into a saleable product.

  • What’s been your biggest challenge along the way?
The need to find an offshore manufacturer can be a frustrating experience, but one that often cannot be avoided if you intend to reach a reasonable profit margin.

  • Do you have a mantra that encapsulates your mission?
Stay focused. Realize and accept that yours is a complex task that must move forward in incremental steps. Setting goals for each day and week, and checking off the boxes as you go, forces you to stay active in pursuit of your dream.

  • What are three pieces of advice you would give to someone who is about to embark on their own version of entrepreneurship?

First, tell everybody what you’re doing. Many of them will ask how it’s going from time to time, and you’ll want to be able to report your progress. Also, you never know who might have an idea or a contact you can use. Second, take advantage of SCORE, and share your excitement with your mentor. Nobody knows your product better than you. And third...be bold! Don’t be afraid to borrow money to invest in yourself. Confidence is contagious.

  • What is your favorite business success?

An article about my Go Caddy ran in the San Francisco Union Tribune just prior to Christmas. As Go Caddies make excellent gifts, we sold over 500 of them as a result of that free advertising.
Also, I was interviewed on my local TV station, which brought many orders to my website. Plus having Go Caddy being talked about by Kathie Lee & Hoda on NBC ...wow...that kind of editorial PR is truly invaluable!

  • Where can folks find Go Caddy now?

Currently we've partnered with portapocket.com and sell our totes via their website. Here's the actual page where you can find them: https://www.portapocket.com/products/go-caddy-water-bottle-holder Thanks so much for the conversation! :))




March 20, 2023


Women Who Inspire Us: Mandy Fletcher, Founder of Pocketsforwomen.co.uk

 Q: What's your main driving force behind the creation of 'Pockets for Women UK'?
A: After years of being a developer for hire I was looking for something to
build for myself, but why pockets? I have always loved clothes with
pockets, but I had seen it more as a bonus, rather than something to be
expected.  It was when I took my youngest son swimming and realized he
had his hands in his swimming shorts pockets, that I thought, this is
wrong.  I then noticed that my husband had pockets in his PJ's ( which i
didn't even know was a thing) after that I couldn't unsee the pocket
disparity and set on a mission to change it.

Q: What's been your biggest challenge developing your brand & your business?
A: I am a developer by trade and design and marketing is not something that
comes naturally to me at all, so that part has been a bit of a steep
learning curve.  Getting the word out there is still a challenge to be
honest.  however, I have been luck to feature in some national press,
which was lovely.  People seem to love talking about pockets.

Q: Do you have a motto or words to live by that encourage you on your path?
A: Pockets are a feminist issue

Q: How has your experience in previous jobs made a difference for you
in your entrepreneurial journey?
A:  As I've  done work for other eCommerce companies, I've had a great
opportunity to see what does work, and what doesn't. I've also had to
learn quickly about something new to meet a specific need of a client,
which I hope has helped.

Q: What are 3 pieces of advice you'd offer to other folks who may be
thinking of starting their own venture?
A: 1. Be prepared to go out of your comfort zone. Nobody is good at
everything, and certainly at the beginning, it's often all on you. For
me, this is putting yourself out there, but this is something you really
have to do. The more you do it, the easier it gets.
 2. Be patient, success probably won't happen overnight, unless you're lucky.
You'll make mistakes, everybody does, but making mistakes is part of the
learning process.
 3. Be prepared to take advice.  Often it's hard to see your baby
objectively, so it is really useful to have an outside take.  That said,
don't let be railroaded from something you feel passionately,  you'll
probably have thought more about the issues than anyone you know.

Q: Please share your favorite business success moment to inspire others
to reach for their dreams :))
I think it has to be featuring the Times newspaper. For me, that was the
encouragement I needed to convince me that what I was doing was indeed
worthwhile thing.



Thank you Mandy for taking a little time to speak with us from across the pond :)  
And for those of you who would like to check out her resource website,
please do go make a visit or 3 to pocketsforwomen.co.uk ! xox


March 15, 2023


Women who Inspire Us: Donna Cooper, Founder of Tubular Travel (creator of the tube travel pillow)

Learn all about how Donna Cooper of Jacksonville, FL created her truly unique invention, the tube travel pillow (the only one you can stuff with clothes)! View full article →
March 15, 2023


Et tu, Brute?

Well, here we are again at the Ides of March.

I wonder how many people even think of what happened on this day in the past
and who even knows what the 'Ides of March' means?



March 12, 2023


POCKETS at the Oscars!

Hellooooo, Hollywood!

Anyone in the USA probably knows about the Oscars and what it's all about. That annual gathering of the rich and famous walking down the red carpet is always a sight to see, and leads to countless photos, vids, and shoutouts about "Who are your wearing!?"

Sadly, despite their wealth & privilege, even these folks who seem to live charmed lives STILL don't often have useful pockets in their outfits. It just goes to show that at the end of the day, humans are all pretty much the same as far as basic needs are concerned. We all have stuff to carry, and often nowhere effective to put it. 

If more people knew about PortaPocket, we'd solve this everyday problem.

Want to help change the world for the better? PLEASE SHARE.
We've been here helping humans for 15+yrs, yet still an unknown for 99.9% of the country.

thanks to all for your generous spirits.



March 04, 2023


How to avoid pickpockets when you travel in Europe (& beyond!)

Use PortaPocket for your travel safety;
have more confidence & peace of mind! View full article →
February 22, 2023


Mardi Gras Days


Well, that was fast! Fat Tuesday / Mardi Gras has come
and gone and we're on Ash Wednesday now.
In another blink of an eye it'll be Spring Break,
then summer vacation season.
Who agrees that the world we're in seems to spin faster
all the time and we're just holding on for dear life?! ;)

At least the good news is...
we can hold onto our things more effectively
so we don't have to worry where they are.
As in... just WEAR them.
Things like our cell phones.
Or our ID/cards.
Or our Mardi Gras beads +++. 

Your answer's 'in the building!'
so just stop by,
say hi,


February 15, 2023


A funny thing that's happening on roller coasters now...

Not sure if you heard about this, but the latest apple iWatch and iPhone 14 have a new feature. It's a feature that seems useful, but it's actually creating a new problem unintentionally. While 'smart' electronics often enhance our lives, it seems that in this case it's having an opposite effect.

The issue stems from the new 'crash detection' feature. So when you're on a high speed ride, the sharp movements and drops are seemingly like those one might experience in a car accident. So your apple tech is now summoning the ambulances on your behalf. Oh my! 

This is a fail on multiple fronts as any misguided efforts to assist people who don't need emergency services results in a waste of resources. Dispatching people and equipment to unnecessary missions disallows them to be available for more urgent situations where people actually need help.

Some parks that are now aware of this situation have started installing signage to tell patrons to please turn off their cell phones &/or watches, or leave them off the ride altogether.  The first step in fixing the problem is always awareness.

It's a start. 


February 13, 2023


People Who Inspire Us: Mark Fuglevand (Founder, Abilitease)

  • What were the main reasons you created your business, Abilitease?
I created Abilitease in 2013 to develop adaptive product solutions for individuals with mobility challenges. At the time I had been injured for over 17 yrs and I saw that there was a lack of accessible tools for individuals like myself that had hand dexterity challenges. I wanted to be as independent as possible with my disability and knew there were products that could be designed to accommodate this. I also didn't feel visible and/or represented in society.  Therefore, I wanted to design affordable & aesthetically pleasing products that empowered people with disabilities to venture out into the world with dignity. I also wanted to put adaptive tools on existing products and challenge large name brands to make their products more inclusive and universal in design. 
  • What have you found to be the biggest challenge as a business owner?
For me it's been trying to wrap my brain around all of the different aspects of running a successful business and executing those tasks (e.g. marketing, manufacturing, budgeting, projections, accounting, packaging, fulfillment, intellectual property, business plan, etc). I get excited about the creative design aspects of what I do, but not necessarily the operations.  
  • Do you have a motto or words to live by that encourage you on your mission?
I believe the journey and not the finish line is the best part of what Abilitease is all about. Yes I want to grow my business and be financially successful, but it's the people I meet along the way and the lives we change in the process. I also feel that if you lead with your "Why" and truly believe in what you're doing then you'll be successful if you continue on the path.    
  • How has being someone who uses a wheelchair yourself informed your business decisions?
Being in a wheelchair has in itself been an ongoing research and development journey. Throughout this journey I have learned that there is an incredibly large underserved population that needs access to better affordable & aesthetically pleasing adaptive tools & services. People with disabilities want to be seen and represented in society...they want to normalize disability and have access to more inclusive products. This is difficult because of the lack of accessibility, transportation, financial means, etc. My goal is to create and distribute as many of my products around the world to the people that need them so that they can live full and independent lives.
What's the one best piece of advice you'd offer to other folks who may be thinking of starting their own venture? 
Don't be afraid to make mistakes as you try to figure out the magic sauce to running a successful business venture. Putting yourself out there and getting started is the hardest part. As you make mistakes you will learn and the process improves.
  • Please share your favorite business success moment to inspire others to reach for their dreams
My biggest success moment to date was the Abilities Expo in Scottsdale, Arizona this past September. It was our first time exhibiting as Abilitease and we came to the expo with very little experience. We didn't know how people were going to feel about our product offerings. For three days our booth was crowded with people that had nothing but positive things to say about our products and the mission. It truly validated what we were doing and that there was a large underserved community that needed these adaptive tools. 
Thank you to Mark for sharing his story with us today.
And THAT, I believe, is the definition of making that lemonade :))
Now go on over & take a peek at Mark's excellent product line at
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