September 27, 2017


Off the deep end...

Here comes the latest solution to a manufactured problem. Have you seen Arm Tights

Marketed as a wardrobe extender so you can wear less bulk under certain outifts (that's good!), another 'benefit' being mentioned is that they make your arms just look better (hmmm). Soooooo... apparently our bodies are still just not good enough.  It was already troubling to see this whole ('cosmetics' is king) industry morphing the old world girdle into the much-more-elegantly-named Spanx, so now we're going to squeeze our (unsightly?) 'arm fat' into these sleeves so we will feel that much better about ourselves?

When did a person's worth have anything to do with her (or his) physical appearance? Maybe we missed that memo, but we are regressing as a society if we think we are so much more valuable if we just look a certain way that qualifies as 'acceptable.'

Hear this: You are beautiful JUST THE WAY YOU ARE and do not need any 'fixes' to be more whole, more worthy, more upstanding, decent, and a credit to this planet.

How about you? What do you think of Arm Tights? 
Please comment below. 


photo credit: TIME, Inc.; Spanx, Inc.

September 21, 2017


Don't FALL for this...

It's autumn and time to celebrate cider, pumpkins and Halloween fun. We love the merriment, but even with good things to enjoy, it's sobering to think how some people still believe global warming is a 'Chinese hoax.'  We've just been through Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria plus 2 giant quakes in Mexico in the last few weeks. And that's the tip of the iceberg coming our way.  These 'hoax' folks would be best served to stop dressing up like ostriches, and realize that we're on the razor's edge. Nobody said humans were 100% responsible for ALL weather situations, but you can bet your bottom dollar the warming of ocean waters that spawn these monster storms IS in part attributable to the human condition. And it's the water temps that feed these hurricanes that make them ever more deadly.

We need to take responsibility for the planet we ALL share. 

We need to stop pretending that someone else will clean up the mess we're creating, ourselves.

We need to take action, and NOW is almost already too late.

If you are a human on Earth, PLEASE show up and do what you can. See what you can do to help Mother Earth survive into the future. Little things count. 

  • Don't litter
  • Don't idle your car so long
  • Don't leave lights on unnecessarily
  • Don't fall for misguided, short-term-thinking political propaganda that aims to diminish our lives by ripping away every shred of resources the Earth has to offer

It's not ok to pass the buck to the next chump further down the line.
Pretty soon there will be no line. 

Stand up and count for something.
Planet Earth is counting on you.


*gratitude for this photo from The Atlantic 


August 17, 2017


Is it really Back-to-School time... already??

I sometimes get melancholy when that school bell rings and brings an end to summer. But it's also a fresh start and makes me feel good our daughter is off to new adventures and learning new things.

The start of Junior High can be exciting, but also nerve-wracking for soon to be teenagers trying to navigate through the corridors of life. With a little reassurance, I know my tween will meet her challenges head-on and find self confidence. And it doesn't hurt to know she's always got a part of me with her... every day. xo

 p.s. keep that phone in your locker though, sweetheart... rules are rules ;)


June 27, 2017


Grateful for Abilities!

What a wonderful treat to be part of this very special Expo last weekend. Abilities is a show that celebrates people with all kinds of unique situations and offers resources and tools to make their lives easier and better.


We are thrilled to help people have a better way to always know where their cell phones, ID/cards, medical devices and other small essentials are at all times :))  #justWEARit  #pocketsRx 

May 13, 2017


Happy Mother's Day weekend!


It's Mother's Day tomorrow.

Mothers are a blessing and should be cherished, daily.
Hug. Smile. Repeat.

To every mom out there... this is for YOU!

April 25, 2017


how was your Earth Day?

We hope it was wonderful!  As you know, we only have one planet and it is our job to protect it and be good stewards for future generations. 

Here at PortaPocket we make a practice of recycling all packaging possible, and make our retail boxes out of cardboard for just that purpose. We also have an annual tradition of going out and picking up trash in the nature areas of our community to do our part.

Have a wonderful spring!

(p.s. did you ever think of using PortaPocket when you garden? ...try it!) 


April 10, 2017

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Got an insulin pump? Now you can wear it anywhere!

So nice to be at the ADA Diabetes EXPO at McCormick Place in Chicago over this last weekend! We were able to show how PortaPocket pockets handily fit current models of insulin pumps on the market today, including those from Medtronic, Animas, Dexcom, One Touch, and Tandem Diabetes, among others.


It's often a challenge for people with diabetes, whether Type 1 or Type 2, to find comfortable solutions to wear their vital devices. Especially ones that actually work WELL. 

PortaPocket is thrilled to serve this community, and provides tools for you to wear your pump (and other things) almost ANYwhere on your body. Our versatile system gives you choices in where and how you wear your pump, whether you want to hide it under a dress/skirt, wear it under a pantleg, or around waist/hip, arm or anywhere else. Our comfy neoprene components (and zero plastic or metal parts) mean it's a dream to use when you sleep at night, too.



Why not enjoy better comfort as you go about your day.
And make your life just a little bit easier.



March 14, 2017


Happy pi day!


But of course. PortaPocket can fit that, too

(though no doubt a bit messily ;)

Have fun with it!


 (image courtesy of Time)

February 25, 2017


Oscars here we come!

Well... maybe one day ;)
For now, we'll smile to ourselves...
just knowing how many starlet's gowns we could be under.
Always helping gals help themSELVES. :)




February 02, 2017


a STEP ahead :)

some helpful info if you're planning to travel abroad... 

 STEP can be a useful tool to know about when you go out of the country.

See more about it, here.