November 25, 2021


Mask up

I know we're all tired of this COVID situation and wish it were over. But the fact is we're still in the midst of this pandemic and the only way to get through it is if we all look out for each other. Which means getting our vaccinations and (yes, still) masking up when out in public.

At least there's always a way to keep your extra mask (& vax card) handy! :)


Thank you for doing the right thing and thinking of your fellow humans.
Together we can get through this.


November 02, 2021


It's all about the costumes (happy late Halloween!)

Did you run into a problem because you had no functional pockets in your costume this year?  Sometimes folks don't think of this issue until they're in the thick of it (again ;)...

Next time you have to get into a getup, why not get up and try a better way...
try PortaPocket today.
(and help yourself!)


September 16, 2021


Do you know the Velcro® story?

It was 1941 and Swiss electrical engineer George de Mestral took his dog  hunting in the Alps. During the trip he noticed his dog and clothes were getting covered with small burrs. Inquisitive, he decided to take a peek at these under his microscope upon his return. What he saw was how spikes of the burrs were engaging with the fur or fabric, and his idea for the popular hook & loop fastener was born.  As well-known as Velcro® has become, it actually took 20+ years before his creation was a hit.

De Mestral found the process of getting his invention right was a marathon, not a sprint. It took trial & error, and a Herculean effort for nearly a decade to perfect the nuances of this concept and to effectively manufacture the creation he'd named Velcro® (a blend from French words velour for 'velvet' & crochet, for  'hook'). He applied for a patent in Switzerland in 1951, which was granted in 1955.  But it took until the 1960s when NASA happened to be looking for fasteners to be used during its missions that gave Velcro® the big boost it needed to finally become astronomically successful. 

Since we use Velcro® ourselves to create PortaPocket, perhaps we're on the same trajectory...
we've been here 14+ years now, and still hiding in plain sight. lol! Maybe one day we'll reach critical mass as this one of our components has done...which would be wonderful as we know we help make people's daily lives easier. While we can't cure cancer or COVID, we can get that proverbial rock out of your shoe in giving you a safer, simpler way to keep your cell phone & other small essentials handily available. We're grateful for the road we're on, though it'd be nice to get in the faster lane for awhile! ;)

If you think your friends would like to know about a more versatile solution for ineffective pockets in their clothes, please share this.

Together, we can all help change the world.
For better!



August 23, 2021


The fix is EASY :)


Ever go to the gym and see people taking cellphones, ID/cards, keys/fobs, Airpod cases, etc
out of their pants pockets and leaving their things on the floor? Why would folks do that...
and why now especially, during this age of the deadly COVID and delta variant viruses
with their airborne particles everywhere (!)

The other day I thought I'd simply ask them.
This is what they told me:

"I don't like it when my keys jab into me"

"Sucks to sit on my cellphone"

"When I lift, I'd rather not hit my phone screen with the weight"

"Stuff falls out..."


Exactly the reason why we're here.
Why not stop by, say hi...
and help yourself!






August 20, 2021


Hello Zappos!


We're thrilled to announce PortaPocket has now been picked up by especially due to the beneficial capabilities PortaPocket offers for those with disabilities.  Zappos has been a force in providing resoures for the differently abled community and we applaud their efforts to promote inclusivity! 

Check out PortaPocket and many other cool products on their adaptive menu, found at 

Many thanks to our PP model Users who shared their pix: radiant Megan (kudos to her mom Karen for this excellent picture at Wrigley Field!), the fabulous Anh and amazing Linda from the Abilities Show in Schaumburg, and a joyful pianist / composer Ros in Wilmette! 




July 11, 2021


The best way to carry cell phone...

is to keep it ON yourself, but not in a way that you sit, sweat and bend on it.

We gotcha covered, you smart people you! ;)

Stop by, say hi and help yourself!

p.s. you'll enjoy a solution that's vastly more versatile than
any other wearable you'll find in this category.  #peace

(that includes all the one-dimensional products out there including flipbelt, spibelt, eagle creek money belts, etc)

May 12, 2021


Congrats Grads! (psst... do you need pockets with your graduation gown?)

Happy graduation to students in the class of 2021!
While we're still in strange-world mode, we hope you'll enjoy your comencement, no matter what.
And even if your gown has no pockets (& maybe your outfit doesn't either),
know we can help you carry what you need for your big day (& beyond)!
For your ID/cards try this
and for your cell phone try this.
+ if you'd like to see our solutions in action,
stop by Thurs, May 13, 2021 at 4p Central time for a 30 min
livestream demo & Q+A session via  :))
Hope to see you there.
April 23, 2021


How to carry your COVID Vaccine Card ~

Keep your CDC / COVID immunization card in a PortaPocket pocket, and you're good to go.

Your card will fit easily in our wearable XL pocket, as shown:

 Find your kit here (or the fancy version here), today!

Be safe out there :)

April 15, 2021


What to do about the latest bag ban at the Staples Center

LA's Staples Center is re-opening for both Lakers and Kings games, which has a lot of California sports fans super excited.  But they're also super angry.


They're super angry because of the arena's restrictive new rules
which exclude ALL purses, clutches, bags, totes and the like:

With this annoucement, droves of female fans have taken to
social media to unleash their displeasure (here's just a
couple examples):


Can't say I blame them. It seems a bit over the top for arena management
to take away these small conveniences for their guests, but during a
pandemic and this time of world upheaval, far be it from me to tell
anyone else how to run their operation.

The good news is... there are simple solutions to this problem that will
make life easier and give fans the chance to enjoy their game day,
without worry. And compliant with these bag ban rules...

Stop by, say hi, and #HelpYourself!



April 07, 2021


A Simple Request

If you ever get a gift package in the mail...

whether you expected it or not...

it'd be sooooo awesome if you took a moment to contact the sender(s) and let them know you received it (and a few words of what you thought about it are always welcome).

That's all.