Sick of pockets that suck?

Do you find pockets in clothes pretty much useless? ;)

Fess up, we know you're:

> Shoving your cell in your waistband
> Using your bra as a makeshift carry case
> Sticking money in your shoe
> Tucking an ID in your sock
> Stuffing your phone in your boot
> Hiding a tampon up your sleeve

or maybe you've even:

> Dropped your cell in the toilet
> Had your purse or wallet stolen
> Left a cell lying around since you've nowhere to put it
> Relied on other people to carry what you need
> Fumed it takes forever to find things in your bag
> Gotten annoyed with poorly located pockets since
things just fall out of them, anyway

but you're in the right place..there finally IS a way!


patented PortaPocket® wearables featured on NBC's TODAY are: 

  • Streamlined & lightweight
  • Detachable & interchangeable (but won’t fall off) 
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-functional as pockets either stick on the band (w/Velcro) or slide on (w/belt loops)
  • Discreet (works under or over your clothing)
  • Water & sweat resistant (poly coated neoprene)
  • Handy & convenient
  • So comfy you almost forget they're there!



PLUS, they’ll give you:

  • Peace of mind & confidence

  • Versatility (works on thigh, calf, ankle, arm, wrist, or waist/hip…even on dogs, bike & wheelchair frames!)

  • A safe, easy way to carry ID, cash, cards, keys, ipods®, cell phones, cameras & passports

  • Convenience in keeping lipstick, make-up, tampons & hygiene items handy

  • Discreet solutions to carry insulin pumps, inhalers, EpiPens®, medications, more

NEVER keep your valuables in a separate purse or bag;
PortaPocket works solo or WITH that chic bag to keep
your vital items CLOSER!  Minimalism makes life easier:

   > for working out           

   > for going out         

   > for travel & every day