Also featured on:                            are those pockets in your clothes working out? you really want to rely on that bag? Seriously. Haven't you ever: 

  • Broken a cellphone from sweat or a fall? (onto floor or in toilet ;/ )
  • Stuck things in your sock, shoe, sleeve or bra? (for why using a bra can be an issue, see THIS)
  • Worried about your bag while you're out dancing?
  • Had your things fly off a roller coaster? (to avoid that, see THIS)
  • Been a victim of theft, loss or inconvenience?

Fortunately you're in the right place to ease the pain. Our patented PortaPocket will help you avoid these problems before they start.  Isn't it much better to be smart (not sorry), and have solutions to those little minefields that life has a way of dishing out? Just click on the kind of purpose you have in mind (see the 3 boxes below), and let's see how we can help you help yourself!:

PortaPocket Basics (no bling)

Original pieces for those who appreciate simplicity and a clean design.


Style savvy gals love a little sparkle. Choose selections from our newest line...bringing you all the peace of mind as PortaPocket, along with fashion flair. Complete assortment of kits and accessories to enhance your safety and convenience.


PortaPocket Notebook

Happy Mother's Day weekend!

May 13, 2017

    It's Mother's Day tomorrow. Enjoy!  Mothers are a blessing and should be cherished, daily.Hug. Smile. Repeat. To every mom out there... this is for YOU! Love, PortaPocketxox Continue Reading →

how was your Earth Day?

April 25, 2017

We hope it was wonderful!  As you know, we only have one planet and it is our job to protect it and be good stewards for future generations.  Here at PortaPocket we make a practice of recycling all packaging possible, and make our retail boxes out of cardboard for just that purpose. We also have an annual tradition of going out and picking up trash in the nature areas of our community to do our part. Have a wonderful spring! (p.s. did you ever think of using PortaPocket when you garden? ...try it!)    Continue Reading →

Got an insulin pump? Now you can wear it anywhere!

April 10, 2017

So nice to be at the ADA Diabetes EXPO at McCormick Place in Chicago over this last weekend! We were able to show how PortaPocket pockets handily fit current models of insulin pumps on the market today, including those from Medtronic, Animas, Dexcom, One Touch, and Tandem Diabetes, among others.                                       It's often a challenge for diabetics, whether Type 1 or Type 2, to find comfortable solutions to wear their vital devices. Especially ones that actually work WELL.  PortaPocket is thrilled to serve this community, and provides tools for you to wear your pump (and other things) almost ANYwhere on your body. Our versatile... Continue Reading →


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