Inspires... LOVE!

Here's what people are saying about their PortaPocket carrying cases:

PortaPocket is THE best travel product I have EVER used (I'm 53, and travel a LOT, and lived most my life overseas,
so I don't say this lightly), and so great that my hubs wanted one too, and I just ordered him a PortaPocket set and
got us both the optional velcro waist belts. I have used my Portapocket everywhere, on my arm and leg, doing
everything from sailboat racing to horseback riding to ATVing, etc., etc., and it works great, and lasts! And now
they're doing "blingy" ones with rhinestones, too! I love it so much I follow them on Twitter @portapocketgal
and Facebook, and have posted photos of me & my Portapocket all over the world on their Facebook page!
A 'kit' is < $30, which makes this a great, cheap thrill of a gift- and to make it an even cooler gift,
you could put something inside, like tickets to an event or a trip... 

-- Elisse Goldstein-Clark, The Elkhorn Inn & Theatre, Eckman,WV



It was hard to keep up with my stuff at amusement parks, especially on roller coasters, when I felt like my phone
would slide out of my pants pocket.  That's why I'm glad I found PortaPocket. It's much easier now that I can just
wrap it around my body, slide my phone in the enclosed bag when I go on water rides, & forget it's there. Great
way for theme park people to keep expensive things from trouble. Why rent a locker just for your $1,000 cellphone?
I wouldn't, it increases your chance to have it stolen.  I've been a parkgoer for the past 25 years, & I love coasters. 
I'd highly recommend PortaPocket to any coaster fans.   -- T. Hammond, Trenton, OH


I love my PortaPocket for my TENS unit.  As a matter of fact, I'm wearing it right now. I have 4 electrodes on my shoulder
and can thread the wires under my shirt. I then connect them to my TENS unit in the PortaPocket that I wear around
my waist. I use the long strap and the short one as an extender. I love the variety of adjustable velcro in various locations
along the straps so I can wear it loose or snug.  The part of the belt actually against my skin, when I wear the belt under
my blouse, is so soft with no chaffing...  this is a great and versatile product, and a lifesaver since I now use my TENS
more frequently. Thank you so much for your help! 
 -- Barbara G, Fort Meyers, FL



Thanks again for PortaPocket! I recently went to Brazil to participate in Carnival... You can imagine how crowded it was. 
With all the warnings I've read and heard about pickpocketing and other robberies I have to admit I was little nervous.
I don't know what my husband and I would do without PortaPocket (yes, I have few)! Thanks to you we were able to 
divide our cash and credit cards in few small piles and attach them to our body parts in unexpected places. I'm writing 
this because of the World Cup coming up next year and then Olympics following up shortly... I honestly believe Brazil 
would be a perfect market for PortaPocket ...people need it...and would love it!      -- D.S., Chicago, IL


Let me say that your product (18" band with medium pocket) worked perfectly! I have a 723 Medtronic pump & wore it
in the thigh pocket all day & into the night & it never slipped once. It held my pump in place & I didn't have to worry
about it falling out/off/onto the floor. It was a Catholic wedding so there was considerable time spent getting up &
down & moving about and the entire time the velcro held tight. YAY! Thank you so much & know that I will be
recommending your product to my insulin pumping friends should they ever need an out of the way and
sturdy holder for their pump!    -- Amy Barnes, Puyallup, WA


Kendra....the portapocket is a part of my daily attire ....I just love it!! I wear maxi dresses and
don't like carrying purses the portapocket is perfect and stays in place under my dress....
to you I bow down...I bow...I bow....     -- Veronica Matthews, Beaumont, TX


I love the flexibility of having multiple, adjustable straps and pockets. This isn’t just a
“going out on the weekend” invention; the possibilities for use are endless! Can you
guess where I put the PortaPocket, with my phone tucked safely inside? Yup, there’s
a cell phone on my thigh (in this pic), ha ha! -- Tanya "Style Spy Gal" Carnahan, Boise, ID


I can't tell you how happy I am to have found your website! I've spent years looking for a secure way
to keep my phone, money and keys, since I usually wear dresses or skirts which have no pockets.
Purses are beautiful, but often annoying because you can't dance while wearing a purse, plus it
might get lost or stolen, etc. I ended up purchasing a waist purse (something like a fanny pack,
but classier), however I don't like using it because it's kind of bulky and it may attract attention
from thieves. So for me, garter purses are definitely the way to go, because they're discreet and
nobody will go looking for your valuables under your skirt! (and after she rec'd)  thank you SO
much! Since I live in France, I was afraid the package would get lost or take forever to arrive,
but it was in my mailbox 10-12 days after I placed my order. I wasn't expecting it so soon!  I'm
very pleased with the products. The large pocket is great for my keys, money and lipbalm,
while the XL pocket perfectly fits my giant smartphone. Since I have two parties coming up,
these pockets will definitely be useful... Again, thank you! 

-- Chéryl Linh Baillin, Bussy-Saint-Georges, FRANCE


Thanks for your prompt reply. I just found your product today and I am excited to get them
ordered. I am disabled from MS and I am in a wheelchair full time. I'm always looking for
more ways to transport things with me. I also passed on your web page to my sister who
was diagnosed with diabetes 2 weeks ago. Thanks for making and selling these. I'm
always looking for the next gadget that will help me in my life as a disabled person.
This might just be my best find this year. which means I will also be giving some as
gifts at Christmas. Bless you!     -- Kathy Nesler, Janesville, WI

It arrived and it is perfect! Between all the straps and pockets, my husband and I will be
outfitted perfectly. Since I spoke to you and worked out shipping, I have completely
abandoned the idea of carrying a purse altogether....and it is like I've gotten rid of
an albatross. Good riddance! Our household is all abuzz with excitement for our trip ...
Thank you for getting the parcel to us in time... I like the way you do business!

-- L. Shepherd, British Columbia, CANADA 

I just ordered the ministrap and will now have all of your PortaPocket pieces. I should've
ordered everything at once, but didn't realize how much I was going to love this product.
I just wanted to tell you the background behind what prompted my orders. Unfortunately,
my husband & I along with another couple were victims of an armed robbery. Thank
goodness we were all ok, but the guy got everything from us -- keys, credit cards, phones.
He had even started using our credit & debit cards before we could cancel them.... I now
put nothing of value in my purse and try to carry everything in a clothes pocket or with
PortaPockets. My husband has scaled down his wallet considerably & has only the
necessities. I think he should start wearing PortaPocket too. thanks for developing
such a wonderful product.      -- EJ, Naperville, IL

I wanted you to know that I love the portapocket!!!! I can put my PDM (personal diabetes
manager) in the portapocket. It allows me to carry a small purse or clutch. Another cool thing
about the portapocket is, I can put my iPhone in it!!! Love it!...can't wait to see how it works
out for me when I go to Disneyland next month   -- Cherise Shockley, Sun City, CA 


They seriously rock! 2 PortaPockets with a skirt today was successful. And also tested 3 with
jeans...that worked out well these things! 

 -- Coralie Amato, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA



I use the PortaPockets to accommodate convenient access to my Epipen. I have to have this with
me at all times because of a medical condition. It is very handy and comfortable. I purchased several
versions of this handy pocket so I have many options to suit what I am wearing. It is comfortable and
I have peace of mind when I have it with me at all times. I love it! Thank you for this great product!

-- Dene Mathis, Arlington Heights, IL


Hello from Kabul...Thank you very much for my PortaPocket, I use it almost everyday after work.
The only chance I get to exercise is after work so a friend of mine and myself will walk a couple
of miles every night around the perimeter of our compound. Before getting the PortaPocket I
never would carry any music with me; but now I can carry my itouch and I have tunes while I
walk. It is very comfortable to wear, I don't even know I have it on. Thanks again.... 

 -- Retired Captain Jack B. Rogers, U.S. Army


I'm really enjoying it...Wearing it on my ankle is very comfortable and works well with my BlackBerry.
It's almost like not having it on at all! It feels very secure and I don't worry at all about losing it.
Thanks again for your great solution to my Eddie Bauer no pockets clothing!  

-- Marilyn Robinson, Richland, WA

We love the portapocket. It has performed flawlessly, and our applications for its uses are growing
by the day. It's truly a magnificent product, & RKTR finds very unique uses for functionality, training,
and fun within Parkour. Spread the word. PortaPocket is Parkour Perfection!

-- Martin Smith, RKTR Team Leader, UK


Thank you so much for getting everything out to me so fast. I have to say - it is really comfortable!
Worked like a charm...    -- Ru, New York, NY

Hello Kendra! I don't know if you remember me, but I purchased your items for my vegas trip.
it was the best solution ever to our nightclub dilemma on where we were gonna put our IDs
and cash! I used one to go on my thigh under my dress, and my friend thought it was such
an awesome idea, that I loaned her my ankle one to go under her pants for that evening!
thanks so much for such a wonderful product!!

-- Julie Holm-Hansen, Demotte, IN

Your portapocket made it with me all the way through - full 14 days in the mountains, up &
down plus few days in the city. It perfectly fits 2 passports and was extremely useful. I had
to have them with me all the time. Imagine packing & unpacking the backpack every day
(& digging in every time you stop). If I didn't have that little protection for our passports,
they would get extremely damaged. I won't even mention the airport & being screened
thousand times. It was so handy to have it on my belt. Thank you for your very practical
invention.   -- Dorothy (just climbed up Mt. Everest!), Mt. Prospect, IL


I just ordered one and yes, I think you have a great idea here!

 -- Brownell Travel Consultant, Bozeman, MT


...this was the perfect thing to use when I went out line dancing
with my handy!

-- Janine Keene, Mt. Prospect, IL

I love my PortaPocket! I wear it under & over the clothes depending on the outfit (sometimes jeans
are too tight ;-)...). Not only in summer when I'm wearing skirts and shorts without pockets I'm glad
to have my iPhone with me all the time but generally when I go to the fitness center or for a walk,
when I mow the lawn or when I go shopping etc.. in short for me the PortaPocket is THE essential
daily accessory! I have to admit that I often wear it on my leg even when I'm at home so I don't have
to wonder where I put my iPhone when I want to check my mails or the web or when I want to make
a memo :-). If I don't have to take along other stuff I additionally wear my second PortaPocket (the
SMALL one) only with key, credit card & some cash. I assure you -- it is a wonderful light feeling to
be on the road without cumbersome handbag or bulky trouser pockets!  

-- Käthi Kiry, Basel, SWITZERLAND



I love to use my PortaPocket on outings with my children when I want to have hands free fun,
but need a place to carry my id, money, and keys. Recently my 9 yr old son used PortaPocket
to carry his camera on a field trip!    -- Robin Siekerman, Atlanta, GA

I was so glad I had my little "thing" with me on our cruise..thanks to my PortaPocket I was able
to completely relax and enjoy Key West and Cozumel. Never once did I have to worry about losing
my purse or having it stolen! With my PP firmly attached on my leg I was able to walk around the
ports with both of my arms/hands free (can you say shopping!) Thanks so much to you and PP
for this liberating experience.  -- Laurel Golden, Chicago, IL

I wore my Essentials during kick-boxing class and it was great --
it didn't even MOVE!   -- Dorothy Smolik, Mt. Prospect, IL

I think we will recommend this to our clients in our Suggested Clothing and Gear lists for traveling
to foreign countries. Great product idea!    -- Off the Beaten Path, Bozeman, MT

I gave it to my husband in his Christmas stocking and he loved it. We found it works great for our
camera...I brought it on a trip to Vegas this week...    -- Judi Maher Wood, Chicago, IL


I was on the Carnival Cruise to the Honduras, Belize and the Caymans. I wore the belt to help me
carry my iPod and key, so I didn't have to carry a purse. I wore the belt to exercise, walk around
the ship, at meals, etc. People were asking me constantly about where I got it and asked if they
could find it at the cruise gift shop. I think it's wonderful to use whether you take it to the gym,
or use it instead of a purse!    -- Judy Greenberg, Long Grove, IL

...used my PortaPocket to hold my iPod when I cut the grass last weekend...
it worked nicely...   -- Rob Lewczyk, San Jose, CA know that work out pocket that you got me for christmas...
I love that thing (given to her by a PortaPocket customer)

 -- Tracy, Chicago, IL


I found PortaPockets are a great resource for travelers. The passport holder keeps
this document close and in a safe place while the small PortaPocket fits a cabin
card (the size of a credit card) while you're exercising at the fitness center or
enjoying a stroll around the deck. I took pictures while in Genoa & Barcelona 
of using the sunglass holder PP and the the cabin card PP. My husband who's
6' and weighs 222 lbs used the passport holder in the airport...truly all sizes
can be accommodated.

-- Kathy Korvas, Tour Operations, OmniTours/Ridgebrook Travel, Deerfield, IL