Solves Situations (tweets people make...)

-- @IDKatie3


> I love yoga pants, but it's kinda inconvenient that they don't have any pockets 
-- @beccaneuberger


> Having no pockets at the gym besides your own shoe makes for a moist 20 dollar bill #gotheem 
-- @CristianVGarden 


> I've enjoyed wearing skirts and heels lately. Feels very girly, but no pockets to put my phone. 

That's it, I need a utility belt.
–- @kayladnls  


> I just realized I need to find a cellphone garter for my leg. My Queen's costume don't have any pockets ;)
The Queen needs her blackberry
-– @31_Amber_31 


> Forgot the bottoms im wearing had no pockets, and not so casually ended up throwing my phone
into the toilet. Brilliant.
–- @Rich60190


> Downside to looking cute in a dress, leggings and cardigan:no pockets for things like classroom key and phone. 
–- @misssara11  


> Why yes sir, I did just pull the cell phone that you asked to borrow from me out of my Spanx.
Not my fault I didn't have any pockets.
-- @AshleyHoak 


> My new Under Armour sweatpants had NO pockets in them. Not even one on the back!!!
You don't realize how vital they are until they are gone.
-- @ArsenioOFFICIAL (yes, the real Arsenio Hall)  


> left my driver's license n emmy purse n didn't know.i sent it back2 designer.had 2 have it fed exed 2me...
-- @tyrabanks 


> Pad prob! How to get them from your locker to the bathroom:
-- @girlslifemag  


> The nike running shorts need pockets.
-- @acaawkward13   


> I feel really incomplete when my outfit has no pockets.
-- AmyConte  

> Dear Nike, Your sweatpants are very nice But my stuff always falls out of the pockets
u should make them deeper or put a button or something
-- @SpacemanSpeck  


> Worse are the pyjamas with loose pockets whereby your phone falls out to massive ground impact
when you bend more than 20 degrees


> most annoying thing about wearing a skirt is having no pockets
-- @hearts0nfire_  


> "I hate purses! Here is what I do, get yourself a wife and put your stuf in her purse" - Ellen DeGeneres
-- @TIM__GO28 via twitter


> The only downside to yoga pants is no pockets...
–- @BeccaBerggg 


> I think it would be a good thing to not always be wondering where my credit card is. #walletdoesnthelp
-– @mayashoucair  


> Where do i hide a tampon when i have no pockets or boots
–- @kayttiii   


>@PortaPocketGal LOVE your product!! Just had a look. I absolutely need this when traveling in & out of #NYC!
Handy in a club absolutely.
-- @katiesheadesign

> Stop being a target for #thieves at the gym! Check out@PortaPocketGal #product! Easy sale for this
-- @RaisingReagan


> Want a hands-free alternative to the .@NFL #clearbagpolicy? Check out this cool invention
called PortaPocket! via .@portapocketgal
 -- TheStyleRef


> Great idea, @PortaPocketGal! Love my @scottevest @carogonza. Yes, wear our valuables and watch our teams
in a safe environment #NFLAllClear
-- @gracenote  

> I'll never put my phone in my bra again! Thanks so much @PortaPocketGal!
It's perfection!
-- @AmericasBarbie 

> Check out this solution to keeping your "personables" personal during #NFL games @PortaPocketGal
-- @JerseyGirlSport