February 25, 2017


Oscars here we come!

Well... maybe one day ;)
For now, we'll smile to ourselves...
just knowing how many starlet's gowns we could be under.
Always helping gals help themSELVES. :)




February 02, 2017


a STEP ahead :)

some helpful info if you're planning to travel abroad... 

 STEP can be a useful tool to know about when you go out of the country.

See more about it, here.

January 16, 2017


Happy MLK Day!

  Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'  
Martin Luther King, Jr.


Today we celebrate one of history's most revered activist leaders of Civil Rghts, the late great Martin Luther King, Jr.  While he may no longer be with us, his message is as relevant and important as ever. With a shared vision, we can make the future brighter for EVERYone... no matter one's skin color, orientation or creed.

While humanity is our common bond, we can't make the world perfect. But in our small but useful way, we can at least make it easier. And make sure we all, equally, have a way to carry what we need as we go about our day. #PocketEquality for all! 

November 04, 2016


Did it really happen??

Cubs WIN!! Cubs WIN!!

After 108 years... Cubs win it ALL.

And pigs are flying, people.

for real

#FlyTheW !!


Cheers from Chicago!

Love, PortaPocket

October 31, 2016


Are you having Halloween fun??

or...should we say HOWLeen (as some people may do when they find they have nowhere to put their cell)..? lol

Stop the madness!

We're always ready for your costume..or anime outfit ...or any other pocket challenged ensemble you decide to wear.  Don't be a fashion slave. Put those pockets on yourSELF (literally ;) 




September 27, 2016


debate THIS ;)

image courtesy of ydop.com

So, who watched the debate last night between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? Or, maybe we should ask who didn't? ;)

Not sure if it was a comedy or a serious discussion at times, with Trump throwing zingers out there, not only with his facial expressions, but also about potential '400 lb men', in bed, trolling around on the internet ...on a hack mission. oh my...!

Well... it'll be interesting to see what happens come November...

In the meantime, I think what's not to debate is that we all know pockets in our clothes basically suck, so why not just use an alternative! :)



August 23, 2016


an EPIc fail for the public?

Have you heard about how Mylan just increased the price of their EpiPens to the tune of 460+%? Seems almost shades of that piece-of-work CEO who bought a longstanding drug that was needed by a small segment of the population... but then screwed them over by jacking up its cost 7000 fold.

Apparently, greed is still here to stay, sadly. ;(


Even with this drug suppliers' unfortunate increase of this life-saving drug (along with a huge uptick in their own already hefty salaries...), we here at PortaPocket still offer you the same useful products you've come to count on and appreciate...and at consistent pricing that won't break your wallet... for almost 9 years now. For us, it's all about putting good things out into the world...in the true spirit of making life better. We will never put profits over purpose.



June 11, 2016


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

May 5, today. Helloooo Mexico! May you all enjoy the celebrations :) 

For those who'd like a refresher, here's the scoop about this day.

Fiesta ON!!


April 12, 2016


is THIS the year??

Spring training is done and Opening Day has just come..baseball kicks off our Spring Fever and the CUBS just won a cone-from-behind home opener on Monday! 

After over 100 years of a championship drought, is 2016 the magical year when EVERYthing changes? It's been a long road for us Chicago fans, but optimism is our middle name and we've stuck through all these lean years, no matter what. But it's been no easy trip, especially lately. 

The good news is... change is in the air and we can FEEL it! 6 wins to start off the 2016 campaign is a positive...only 155 games to go ;)

See you at the World Series Parade?

Stay tuned!! 


March 31, 2016


SPRING forward...!

To all the movers and shakers and early adopters out there...

Spring is in the air. :))  It's a new season, so Isn't it refreshing to know that we don't have to be beholden to clothing designers who seem to think how we LOOK is all that matters? What about what our clothes DO? (besides from keeping us from being totally naked ;)) ... Why oh why do they seem to ignore our continual need for truly functional pockets?

We have joined the chorus of voices that will not be silenced and refuse to fall under the spell of a 'Fashion First' philosophy.  Savvy people, Unite! It's time to make some simple changes that will make your life easier.  Although it may seem like a small ripple at first, it can build to a tidal wave of positive change.

Try it now.

And never go back.








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