September 20, 2022


Costume need pockets? Halloween help is here!

It's almost that time again for some Fall fun.
Halloween's coming!
So what are your plans?

Any parties?

Haunted houses?

Scary movies?

Pumpkin fests?

So many good things...never enough time. ;)

Though one thing to put on your 'to do' list now is to get organized before the big day. You don't want to end up with an awesome outfit, but a major disconnect with having nowhere to effectively carry your cellphone & ID/cards while you're out & about. Why not simply make your life easier and wear what you need.

...and help yourself

April 11, 2022


The MORE Act

Did you hear about the recent passing of the MORE Act? It's the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement Act that ends criminalization of cannabis for adults by removing it from list of controlled substances. It also eliminates related criminal penalties & takes major steps toward criminal justice reform, social justice, & economic development as related to marijuana.

While we're neutral on this subject, we feel it's a step in the right direction to give people opportunities and allow them freedoms to make personal choices, as long as they're being responsible & not stepping on the rights of others.

In appreciation for the upcoming 4/20 date, we'd like to share our versions of the most fitting pockets for these 420 occasions. If you need your weed, now you can stash your hash and yet still be legal at the same time.  Woot! :)




March 10, 2022


what's STILL happening at the gym...

Every time I go to the gym (which is often), I see the same things. This has been going on for years and never seems to change. It's the cellphones. You know the drill. They're all over the floor. And balanced on water bottles. And left on the machines. Or forgotten by mistake in the bathroom stalls, etc. Sometimes you'll see them shoved in a waistband, or yes, sticking out from (or just the outfline showing that they're present in) a pants pocket...


So what's the issue?

It's a fail. 

It's a fail because people are inconvenienced. 

It's a fail because people lose things.

It's a fail because people are uncomfortable, and at times they break their phones by accidentally hitting their cells with a weight, or immersing them in sweat.

Why do we do this?

The good news is that we really don't have to anymore. There are easy answers if you look for them, and will stop these problems before they start.

February 15, 2022


oh Dolly!

Have you seen the latest ads #DoItForThePhones from T-mobile that are promoting their network with the help of Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus? While I appreciate the artistry of these supremely talented ladies, it seems that there's a subtle message about where to keep one's cellphone that probably isn't the best...

NO woman should keep their cellphone in their bra for any reason. The sweat can kill your cell, and there are emissions that you don't ever want to have near your chest area, either. Tiny print in the phone guides speak to this issue, although almost nobody ever reads 'em.

We're gratified to be able to offer a safer, more comfy & less sweaty solution that's also excellent for use at theme parks like Dolly's own Dollywood (among others)! Help yourself, here (or enjoy our more fancy/fun version, here)

Stay safe out there!
February 10, 2022


Introducing the Tube!

We're excited to announce we've added our first neck pillow to our assortment.
It's a super cool innovation called the Tube, created by Donna Cooper of Tubular Travel
in Jacksonville, FL.

The Tube is the only neck pillow you stuff with clothes so you get extra storage space
when you fly, along with a handy device for neck or lumbar support to make your
flight experience more comfortable. 

Check it out here, and be sure to take one along on your next adventure!


December 27, 2021


Happy New Year!


Hopefully '22 will be the end to this pandemic that has gone on (seemingly) forever...

Let's ALL do our part to help that cause by getting vaxxed, boosted, and always properly wearing our masks when we're with other people who don't live in our own households (read: pretty much anytime in public).

While I know we're all tired of these things (I am too)'s really the right thing to do and the ONLY thing that'll eventually help us get out of this mess.

With all best wishes for a safe & heathy kickoff to 2022.

Your friends at

November 25, 2021


Mask up

I know we're all tired of this COVID situation and wish it were over. But the fact is we're still in the midst of this pandemic and the only way to get through it is if we all look out for each other. Which means getting our vaccinations and (yes, still) masking up when out in public.

At least there's always a way to keep your extra mask (& vax card) handy! :)


Thank you for doing the right thing and thinking of your fellow humans.
Together we can get through this.


November 02, 2021


It's all about the costumes (happy late Halloween!)

Did you run into a problem because you had no functional pockets in your costume this year?  Sometimes folks don't think of this issue until they're in the thick of it (again ;)...

Next time you have to get into a getup, why not get up and try a better way...
try PortaPocket today.
(and help yourself!)


September 16, 2021


Do you know the Velcro® story?

It was 1941 and Swiss electrical engineer George de Mestral took his dog  hunting in the Alps. During the trip he noticed his dog and clothes were getting covered with small burrs. Inquisitive, he decided to take a peek at these under his microscope upon his return. What he saw was how spikes of the burrs were engaging with the fur or fabric, and his idea for the popular hook & loop fastener was born.  As well-known as Velcro® has become, it actually took 20+ years before his creation was a hit.

De Mestral found the process of getting his invention right was a marathon, not a sprint. It took trial & error, and a Herculean effort for nearly a decade to perfect the nuances of this concept and to effectively manufacture the creation he'd named Velcro® (a blend from French words velour for 'velvet' & crochet, for  'hook'). He applied for a patent in Switzerland in 1951, which was granted in 1955.  But it took until the 1960s when NASA happened to be looking for fasteners to be used during its missions that gave Velcro® the big boost it needed to finally become astronomically successful. 

Since we use Velcro® ourselves to create PortaPocket, perhaps we're on the same trajectory...
we've been here 14+ years now, and still hiding in plain sight. lol! Maybe one day we'll reach critical mass as this one of our components has done...which would be wonderful as we know we help make people's daily lives easier. While we can't cure cancer or COVID, we can get that proverbial rock out of your shoe in giving you a safer, simpler way to keep your cell phone & other small essentials handily available. We're grateful for the road we're on, though it'd be nice to get in the faster lane for awhile! ;)

If you think your friends would like to know about a more versatile solution for ineffective pockets in their clothes, please share this.

Together, we can all help change the world.
For better!



August 23, 2021


The fix is EASY :)


Ever go to the gym and see people taking cellphones, ID/cards, keys/fobs, Airpod cases, etc
out of their pants pockets and leaving their things on the floor? Why would folks do that...
and why now especially, during this age of the deadly COVID and delta variant viruses
with their airborne particles everywhere (!)

The other day I thought I'd simply ask them.
This is what they told me:

"I don't like it when my keys jab into me"

"Sucks to sit on my cellphone"

"When I lift, I'd rather not hit my phone screen with the weight"

"Stuff falls out..."


Exactly the reason why we're here.
Why not stop by, say hi...
and help yourself!