May 04, 2020


Let's Spread Joy with #PandemicPals!

When cataclysms rock our world, it's a wake up call for all of us. Businesses are shuttered. Social distancing is limiting. Shelter in place rules feel claustrophobic. But despite the discomfort, these efforts truly are for our greater good. The light in the darkness is that the gift of time we now have can allow us to reflect on what's really important and can propel us to create new ideas that can change lives.

One of these ray of light ideas is the brainchild of one of my favorite columnists for the Chicago Tribune, Rex Huppke. Rex originated an idea called #PandemicPals which, while simple, allows positivity and human connection to bring joy to seniors and disabled folks who feel isolated or alone through these challenging days.  It's a shot of hope in the veins to another soldier in this game of life.  All you need to do to participate is to write Rex and his wonderful team at and let them know you want to join in the effort to spread a little happiness by writing letters to these deserving people. He'll send you a list of folks and their addresses so you can be part of the #PandemicPals family.

We're excited to send out our first batch of letters this week, and look forward to  sending more in the months that follow. It's a beautiful thing to be alive and to be able to uplift someone else who can use an encouraging word. Kudos to Rex for thinking of others and making this world a brighter place.

Let's go!

Write to

Kendra & friends

p.s.  The column Rex wrote announcing this fantastic idea was fittingly printed on March 23, my amazing mother's 89th birthday. She's one of the most beautifully positive and generous people you'd ever meet...and is a Chicagoland pianist & composer who recently put out her 5th CD of original work. We're thrilled to send her music along to our #PandemicPals as our gift along with our letters :) 🎈 


March 05, 2020


Addressing the COVID-19 Virus

Many people are in panic mode right now. This thing has legs and is already pandemic wolrdwide. Who knows where or when the corona virus will show up next. All we can do is act as responsibly as possible to minimize not only our own risks, but the risks for those around us.

Here are a few common sense things that often seem overlooked. Let's do our diligence and see if we can all make a difference:

  1. NEVER cover your mouth with your hand. PLEASE use your sleeve/ crook of your elbow instead so you don't spread all those germs around when you start touching things, thereafter. Phew!
  2. Unless you're sick yourself, please leave those face masks off. Buying into unnecessary 'protections' just exacerbates shortages. These won't do much good for you, but WILL be needed by medical personnel who are in more direct contact with those who are infected, or are possibly so.
  3. Don't spread more falsehoods and disinformation by amplifying unsubstantiated reports that are being made for polical reasons and not backed by SCIENCE.
  4. Stay calm. Level heads and cool thinking serve us better than rash reactions. Nobody quite knows how this thing will resolve, but we're fortunate to live in an age where brilliant minds and problem solvers still exist. We may have to plan for the worst, but let's hope for the best.

In the meantime, if you want to eliminate the habit of leaving your cell (etc) lying around on the floor (& whatever else), just stop by. We're happy to help you keep your stuff closer...& cleaner! :) 

While this outbreak's a bad thing, use code COVID for a good thing. Good for 30% off your first order at 

Working to keep you safer, 
your friends at PortaPocket

photo credit: thanks to Johns Hopkins University, Newsweek & Statista 

March 02, 2020


Into Cosplay & Need Pockets?

We'll leave the off-the-charts-creativity to you; incognito is what we do ;)
While every ensemble is unique, we love being your hidden helper along the way.
When you want to keep your cell, ID/cards ++ close, just stop by, say hi!


With pop culture entertainment giant con C2E2 in Chicago along with so many
other worthy cons in this sphere, it's a privilege to be a part of your community,
even in our small way. 

Mad respect to all cosplayers who work tirelessly to bring imagination to life.
Cheers to YOU!


pix show some happy creators modeling their PortaPocket purchases
from our booth at Anime Central, Rosemont :))

February 25, 2020


Need a portable pocket with those leggings?

While there are many options out there these days, few things actually work

Here's a tweet from today Feb 25: 


This is a common sentiment, and one I see manifesting at the gym all the time.
While some manufacturers are now adding pockets to leggings & yoga pants, 
that sweat risk factor always remains. Plus, these pockets often bulge out
while in use, and can get the way while doing certain exercises.

But what if you CAN have effective and attractive pockets?
Ones that work with almost ANY outfit. Wouldn't that be easier?

The problem is that the fixed size & location of pockets in clothes is a
limiting factor.  You can't just move things out of your way when you like.          

Using PortaPocket releases you from these boundries and brings you
freedom & functionality.

Must have (sweatproof) pockets?
Stop by ...and help yourself!






January 30, 2020


Are you a purse girl?

Nothing wrong with that.

BUT have you ever worried about the stuff
that's in your purse when you carry it around? 
Or leave it somewhere?
Or know it may be at risk for theft?
Maybe something to think about...


Here's an alt way.
One you may've not thought about,
or didn't even know existed.
But you really might like, if you try! 

Why not keep your purse to complement your outfit,
and carry your small valuables more discreetly... 

just go ahead and WEAR your ID/cards/$ under your outfit
(yet accessible when needed)
AND keep not-so-important things in your purse. 


Make your life easier, less distracting, and cut way down on possibilities of theft. 
Quick Demos to show how it use both under a dress, and pants.

What's not to like about that? :) 








January 23, 2020


Really, Amtrak? ;/

Why was Amtrak trying to charge Access Living, a group with some disabled folks an extra $25K for tickets, purportedly "to re-configure a train car" in order to accommodate them. Seriously??

The fee is exorbitant and no way represents what it would cost to manage this group's situation. It seems that Amtrak is either being lazy for not thinking AT ALL of alternatives to help out the situation, or being obnoxiously greedy. Neither are good.  

Let's agree as a society it's never appropriate to exploit a situation for personal gain.  Let's hope Amtrak re-visits this 'policy' and changes their mindset to be more fair-minded in the future.

What do you think? Is what Amtrak tried to do ok with you?

October 10, 2019


oh no! ...what happened??

Ugh. I know the feeling. 
Another cell issue.

Maybe this time you cracked your screen since your
phone fell from a pocket you thought actually worked.

Or it fell into the toilet since you trusted
your back pocket too much.

Or you shoved it into your waistband or bra and it got all
sweated out because pockets in your clothes are too small
and only fit a piece of lint, if that.


Or you had a whack attack because you couldn't find it since it 
slipped into another time zone in the bottom of your bag.

So why do we do the same things over and over and 
expect a different result? (the very definition of insanity)

Guilty of that, too... though not for the same reasons. 
After getting sick and tired of pockets that suck,
why not re-imagine what pockets are all about?
There's a way to permanently fix this.

Maybe we're insane to keep sharing solutions with people who
suffer from useless pockets since we think they'll actually listen.
Ha! Maybe we're just over optimistic, but just gotta keep trying. ;)

After all, when something works it works. And we're just here
to help you minimize hassle and risk. But of course it's up to you.

Keep doing what you've been doing....


or decide to think differently.


September 09, 2019


Amazing catch?

While this definitely qualifies, it begs the question:

Why is this even happening in the first place?
Just another reason parks and PortaPocket are destined to become best friends. 



 photo credit: Attractions Magazine

July 12, 2019


Wear on your chair :)

Did we mention that PortaPocket is super convenient for those who use
walkers and wheelchairs?

No matter your situation, whether you're dealing with a temporary or chronic
condition, there are ways to hands-free carry your cell and small essentials
without worry. If you must have pockets, try these Must-Have pockets! :)



April 03, 2019

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