August 26, 2018


Puttin' on the dog

Yes!  Now you can have your best friends carry their own poop bags while you're out on your daily walks. 


Let another PortaPocket ride shotgun at your hip (to carry your cell, keys, etc matter your outfit) while you're at it, too.

Good stuff. 


August 14, 2018


Indian Summer?


though it's not quite autumn, it looks like we're having an Indian summer...

and it seems they know (some of the ways) how to wear PortaPocket, too! ;)

July 25, 2018


Summer lovin'

so much hopping we forgot to post last month...

Here at PortaPocket, we hope you're having a jumpin' July!


May 02, 2018


Happy May Day! (+1)

Mayday mayday...

oh drat, we missed May Day.

BUT we still have 99% of this month to help fix your maydays when your clothes pockets fail you. As when they're not there are all. Like when you're in your Graduation Gown. Or your Prom Dress. Among other things...

happy spring! 


March 31, 2018


Conflicting Allegiances: Loyola vs Michigan



Like Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn, I too have mixed
emotions about today's Big NCAA Game in the Final Four.

On one hand, how could one root against Chicago's beloved
Sister Jean and the hometown Ramblers?
It's that quinessential fairy tale in need of the perfect ending.

On the other hand, I'm a UM Ann Arbor graduate. GO BLUE!
So what do I do?

I can't help but factor some other vignettes into this equation.
While I thoroughly enjoyed my University of Michigan experience,
I truly believed my alma mater might actually be interested in
what its alums are up to.

Perhaps if they'd shown some interest when we'd shared how our
handy helper would give fans at the 'Big House' / Michigan Stadium
a way to hands-free wear their cells and small essentials (despite 
that Bag Ban). Perhaps if they wanted to see how their alums are
working hard to improve other people's lives, even in simple ways,
every day.  Maybe if they'd genuinely made some effort to embrace
new ideas that are sorely needed on campus...

Instead it's just crickets.

Unless you count that they DO reach out when they want to solicit
more money (as if I didn't spend enough already on my four
college years at an out-of-state tuition rate ;)

OK, Wolverines... 
If you change your mind and would like to have a
long-denied conversation, you know where I am :)

What do you think?
Shall I be RAMBLIN' on? 


March 24, 2018


Hats off to the young leaders of MARCH FOR OUR LIVES

In this polarized world, I think we can at least all agree that young people are our future. And what an inspiration are those who have stepped up to stand for a cause, even in their darkest hours.

Kudos to Emma González, David Hogg, Sarah Chadwick, Cameron Kasky and all their steadfast fellow Parkland survivors. And to all the other student activists who refuse to sit idly by and watch the lawmakers offer nothing but 'thoughts and prayers' to those affected by Gun Violence. 

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Never Again MSD movement is gaining momentum and will show its muscle to all who watch Capitol Hill on Saturday for this crucial March for Our Lives. Never before have this many young people been so galvanized to make this kind of impact in recent memory.

I for one stand by them. In their resolute, and unwavering desire to make the world a safer place for every citizen of this country. The outdated, self-serving agenda of the NRA must go away. TODAY. 

We. Start. NOW.

March 14, 2018


Happy Pi Day!

Maybe something else to fit in PortaPocket? ;) 

Would you like blueberry or cherry?


February 01, 2018

1 Comment

Are you a woman who wants functional pockets, too? Where is #PocketEquality?

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of feeling like a second class citizen.
These are trying times indeed. With the fallout from scandals that have
reared their heads in our society of late, who dare even care about a
subject like pockets?

Certainly, other topics are more relevant. Like the galvanizing and important
#MeToo movement. The horrifying and heinous cases of sexual abuse
perpetrated by prominent individuals. The latest political apocalypse. 
And what about those unfair, unequal pay situations?

Yet with all that, here's just another everyday example of women being given
short shrift, and treated as if our needs don't matter. Or, at least, don't matter 
as much.


Pockets are power.  And guys are holding all the cards. They're getting their
needs catered to by the whole fashion and clothing industry.  Why are us
gals being left behind?  Is it because women are so often fashion-first?
But what about function? Personally, I'm one who prefers NOT to be a slave
to style. And I actually value function as an equal, if not more important, priority.  
Sorry, but I must've missed that memo that said women's clothes have to be
relegated to the not-so-smart category. 


So where's the outrage? Looking around, there've actually been a fair number
of articles written up about this very subject. From The Atlantic, to Racked, Buzzfeed,
and more. Feminists have pointedly made their statements, and their wishes known.
At least there's that.

And now, fortunately, there's this.
A new way to do things.
A way of putting pockets on ourSELVES. Literally.
No sewing needed.
Let's eqalize that playing field!

What do you think?

Do you believe there's a pocket shortage in women's clothes?
Do share your thoughts, below. 



January 29, 2018


Travel solo, but never alone with OROXY

If you're a solo female traveler, you must visit You'll love this resource for essential advice and inspiring products; life-savers, space-savers, and must-haves that have been personally tested by experienced global travelers.

OROXY is for women who have passion and wanderlust, but who still need a helpful catalyst. It’s also a platform for those who’ve already been exploring the world and want to share their experiences. Launched in November, 2017, OROXY is producing destination-specific travel guides for solo female travelers based on personal experiences, and providing advice, travel tips and answers to your questions, all of which will inspire and support you as you start out, and along the way.

OROXY: A Brand Founded From Love

OROXY founders Kendra (a different Kendra, not me ;) and Bryan met in the summer of 2015. She was Outreach Coordinator and Director of Oxford Study Abroad for the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Arizona State University and Bryan was a U.S Navy veteran, pursuing his degree at ASU to become an English teacher. But it wasn’t until they were both overseas in Oxford, UK that they truly met and fell in love, finding their own path off the beaten one, and becoming expats.

After returning home, Kendra continued working long hours at ASU, and Bryan started teaching at a local public school. They enjoyed their work, but were frustrated by long hours, sub-standard pay, and inability to progress in their careers. “We both felt like there should be something more to our lives, and we were simply missing it.”They longed for change and were looking everywhere to find an escape.

“We looked for jobs in Hawaii and Guam, and Bryan considered going back into the military, all for some way to break the cycle of going to work, coming home, and going to bed. We wracked our brains for a year and finally decided that we were going to travel and see the world, even if it killed us!”

Kendra and Bryan sold or donated everything they owned: books, furniture, clothes, everything. They only kept some mementos and keepsakes with sentimental value. And then they moved to Vietnam. Although Bryan’s father lived there, neither had ever been. It was a leap of faith, but with their savings, English-teaching jobs plentiful and low cost of living, they felt they could make it 3 months without work.  Soon after they arrived, though, they realized they could make it closer to a full year!  And they’ve been exploring ever since.

While in Thailand, they met and befriended other travelers, mostly solo females, who amazed them with their wonderful stories. This was the seed that birthed a space, guide, community and store as well as a place for support and recognition. It's your one-stop-shop for solo female travelers everywhere.

Kendra and Bryan met, lived, worked, and fell in love while traveling abroad, which truly changed their lives. Now they’d love to share their stories with you, and, most importantly, help you make your own.

Travel solo, but never alone.


January 23, 2018


An Open Letter to Scott Jordan with Scottevest

Oh my, Scott.

Say you didn't.
But you did. 
You did.

You just couldn't help yourself, could you?

 I know you like to be one who's Transparent, but sometimes too much sharing, well...
 it's just not so good. 

Now you've got the bed to lie in.
But maybe that bed of nails will be good for you. 
Call it a little back support.
A little lesson learned.
A little humbling.

Just think of it as life slapping you in the face with a wakeup call.

But maybe it'll make you start thinking.
Think before you speak.
Listen before you respond.

And maybe, just maybe, open your mind to new ideas.

Ideas like....
Other people actually matter.
Even if they don't have the same political slant as you... or me.

Don't throw anyone under the bus.
It's just bad business.

But you know that, right?

Maybe now.
You do.