December 07, 2020


Caring is Contagious: Help for Gyros Planet (thank you Heidi Stevens!)

These are some simply awesome human beings.

When a crisis arises, that is the time when we can see the true character of our fellow humans. Some folks have show to be first class diamonds and deserve our appreciaton. We'd heard about this little restaurant in Evanston IL from a column that Chicago Tribune writer Heidi Stevens had written about recently in her column the Balancing Act. 

Erika Castro and Pablo Sanchez have been giving so much for their community despite feeling the struggle themselves. If you're in their area, stop by and enjoy their offerings, or drop by this page to share good tidings from afar.




November 02, 2020


October 29, 2020


Caring is Contagious: gotta love this 6 yr old!

Enjoy this rap of alphabet jobs, courtesy of Sam White.

Why not! Let's all appreciate the smiles :)

October 26, 2020


October 23, 2020


Caring is Contagious: Cat Brothers Find New Home

what a Purrrfect ending to this tail ;)


image credit: Uplifting.Network

October 22, 2020


Caring is Contagious: Kudos, Alex Beckom!

now this is how you deal with an unruly customer.
And in only the most professional of ways. 

you go girl!!!

October 21, 2020


Welcome to our Caring is Conatagious Blog :)

With so many sad and depressing things going on in the world right now,
we thought we'd try to change the narrative a little and inject a little
goodness where we can ☺️

During what's left of this COVID pandemic, our goal is to post uplifting
news of various kinds to spread some happiness and bring a smile
to your face.

Onward to brighter days!










to kick this off, here's this. 



October 15, 2020


Will PortaPocket fit iPhone 12?

iPhone 12?  Yes.

iPhone 12 Mini?  Yes.

iPhone 12 Pro?  Yes

and iPhone Pro Max?  Yes.

All of the above will fit in an XL PortaPocket pocket,
no problem.  And that way you can WEAR it, too.
Just make sure the case on your phone isn't too bulky,
especially for Pro Max (as that'll pretty much max out the space).
Keep to an onion skin case on your cell, and you'll be good to go.

these are the kits that'll work:

for arm/leg: PortaPocket Combo kit in original (or design);
(on amazon)

for waist/hip/thigh: PortaPocket WaistBelt & XL Pocket. in original (or design);
(on amazon)

btw, a MagSafe case &/or wallet on your cell should fit for a 12, 12 mini or 12 pro, too.
Just not sure about the Pro Max version... we'll see about verifying that once we can test it out...





October 01, 2020



We're glad to be a part of a new ecommerce site called pantastic.

Opening soon, in 2020 :)


September 25, 2020


Caring is Contagious

Yup, this is our first foray into the T-shirt space. It's not an area which we've focused on, but given the pandemic and the propensity for some folks to forego using masks, we couldn't help ourselves ;)

It seems like a good time to offer a gentle reminder that we're all in this togther and that we should look out for each other as much as possible. That's where 'Caring is Contagious' comes in.  If we all simply went out and used our masks every time, we'd be in a better position as a country to get through this mess that COVID has created. Plus, it's nicer than flipping the bird at people. So there's that ;)

In honor of trying to do the right thing, we're gifting you a FREE T with any $20+ order via ... if you like ;))

Just pick out the size and style of the T you like, and use code FreeT on checkout. It's that simple. Offer good through Oct 1, 2020. Huzzah! xo