Necessity is the MOTHER...

Our founder, Kendra Kroll, didn't expect to start a company just because her
(spare) tampon fell out (of her useless pants pocket) at the gym, but that’s 
really what happened!

Sometimes you’re just going along and all of a sudden life makes other plans. 
PortaPocket was born from frustration, but it became our new mission to help
people everywhere...after all, who doesn't suffer from clothes pockets that fail?

After her gym mishap, Kendra filed for patents and trademarks on PortaPocket
while simultaneously embarking on the odyssey to the unknown. With a love
for workouts, travel and special events (and a 17 year history in events equipment
sales and marketing), she was determined that perseverance would lead the way. 
And so it was. Now we've created a highly effective and multi-functional accessory
line that makes life easier for all of these spheres...and beyond!

It's been enormously gratifying to see our patented innovations come to life and
bring such benefits to so many. We’ve been thrilled to have been sought out and
appreciated by people who represent a tremendous cross section of humanity. 
We’ve been privileged to work with and provide solutions for:


Exercisers / marathoners / runners / walkers / gym goers
Dancers / roller derby gals / bicyclists / horseback riders
Vacationers / travelers / roller coaster riders / amusement park lovers
Brides / bridesmaids / wedding guests / bachelorette party attendees
Prom goers / gals going out on the town / social occasion celebrants
Conference goers / Keynote speakers / seminar takers
Diabetics / asthmatics / people with allergies / blind folks
Wheelchair-bound people / people with MS or limited dexterity
Make-up artists / stylists / television industry audio specialists
Motorcycle riders / parkour aficionados / mountain climbers
Naturists / nudists / direct sales home party participants
Cruise goers / concert lovers / Zumba and yoga enthusiasts
Victims of purse snatchings and armed robberies
Security folk / officers / concealed carry people                              
GPS device carriers / fitbit or TENS unit owners
Singers / choirs / guitar players / musicians
Dog walkers and yes, the dogs themselves!
…and the list goes on…

We learn new things every day and keep finding new and wonderful uses 
for PortaPocket that we never even imagined at the start.  We're grateful
for your encouragement, kind letters and words of support.  Our
mission is, and continues to be... bringing you pockets
you can simply wear anywhere. With your patronage,
we will soldier on to bring these resources to others,
and in small but important ways... make life easier.

& your friends at PortaPocket...
by Undercover Solutions, LLC