March 20, 2023


 @portapocketgal @CBSDFW @ThatSportsGirl Girl, this is brilliant!!!!!


@portapocketgal this is exactly what I've been needing for YEARS.
Buying this asap.


@portapocketgal @JulieAnnSilver Oh my goodness! I LOVE what you are doing!
I am going to check out all your stuff. This is awesome!!  


@portapocketgal ♥♥I LOVE THAT !! #LifeSaver 
-- @ITSRAJ21 

@portapocketgal OK Thanks much. That's an interesting little way to stash your personal items. Nice.

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@portapocketgal Sooo Glad you showed up tonight! I need a PortaPocket for my traveling -
Perfect solution!! On your site buying one now!!!
@portapocketgal I am back and the #portapockets worked great!

I am still using them!!  Thanks so much for a great product!
–- @carece


Top Ten Pickpocket Destinations
where PortaPocket is just essential!
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Wearing my PortaPockets with my sexy dress. No bag, baby!! Woot!
Ping @PortaPocketGal
–- @ferrous


This is cool!! "@mothers_wisdom i don't wear cell near chest;
better on leg much more versatile :)"
-- @mothers_wisdom


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@PortaPocketGal Hello Angel!! Need to tell you THANK YOU so much!!
PortaPockets rocked NY!! TY 4 t/Fab service!! I & your AWSM product!
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@TraveliciousDee Dee I'm loving my PortaPockets! TYSM.
You are super sweet for thinking of me.
And great to see you again :)
-– @tracycityline 

Someone sent me the portable purse you could wear on your thigh.
Get back to me ASAP. Need to talk with you
–- @SherriEShepherd


@PortaPocketGal I saw Sherri Shepherd tweet you re: getting a PortaPocket.
I'm sending good energy your way.
–- @SportsandBoobs 


@PortaPocketGal I love my portapocket .. slips off quickly b4 I go through the metal detector ... hehehe
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@PortaPocketGal Hi so I just got my PortaPocket today!
I thnk that's the fastest US mail I've ever gotten! Thank you :)
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@PortaPocketGal merry christmas. Wearing my portapocket to church so i dont 
have to carry a purse. Good plan.

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Want a hands-free alternative to the .@NFL #clearbagpolicy? Check out this
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Great idea, @PortaPocketGal! Love my @scottevest @carogonza. Yes, wear our
valuables and watch our teams in a safe environment #NFLAllClear
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I'll never put my phone in my bra again! Thanks so much @PortaPocketGal!
It's perfection!  
-- @AmericasBarbie


Check out this solution to keeping your "personables" personal during #NFL
games @PortaPocketGal
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@PortaPocketGal good to know. Thank you. I am excited for Halloween now. 
:) no worries about a lost phone. 
-- @labspaz


@PortaPocketGal omg that's so smart!!
-- @sej060401




Women Who Inspire Us: Mandy Fletcher, Founder of

 Q: What's your main driving force behind the creation of 'Pockets for Women UK'?
A: After years of being a developer for hire I was looking for something to
build for myself, but why pockets? I have always loved clothes with
pockets, but I had seen it more as a bonus, rather than something to be
expected.  It was when I took my youngest son swimming and realized he
had his hands in his swimming shorts pockets, that I thought, this is
wrong.  I then noticed that my husband had pockets in his PJ's ( which i
didn't even know was a thing) after that I couldn't unsee the pocket
disparity and set on a mission to change it.

Q: What's been your biggest challenge developing your brand & your business?
A: I am a developer by trade and design and marketing is not something that
comes naturally to me at all, so that part has been a bit of a steep
learning curve.  Getting the word out there is still a challenge to be
honest.  however, I have been luck to feature in some national press,
which was lovely.  People seem to love talking about pockets.

Q: Do you have a motto or words to live by that encourage you on your path?
A: Pockets are a feminist issue

Q: How has your experience in previous jobs made a difference for you
in your entrepreneurial journey?
A:  As I've  done work for other eCommerce companies, I've had a great
opportunity to see what does work, and what doesn't. I've also had to
learn quickly about something new to meet a specific need of a client,
which I hope has helped.

Q: What are 3 pieces of advice you'd offer to other folks who may be
thinking of starting their own venture?
A: 1. Be prepared to go out of your comfort zone. Nobody is good at
everything, and certainly at the beginning, it's often all on you. For
me, this is putting yourself out there, but this is something you really
have to do. The more you do it, the easier it gets.
 2. Be patient, success probably won't happen overnight, unless you're lucky.
You'll make mistakes, everybody does, but making mistakes is part of the
learning process.
 3. Be prepared to take advice.  Often it's hard to see your baby
objectively, so it is really useful to have an outside take.  That said,
don't let be railroaded from something you feel passionately,  you'll
probably have thought more about the issues than anyone you know.

Q: Please share your favorite business success moment to inspire others
to reach for their dreams :))
I think it has to be featuring the Times newspaper. For me, that was the
encouragement I needed to convince me that what I was doing was indeed
worthwhile thing.



Thank you Mandy for taking a little time to speak with us from across the pond :)  
And for those of you who would like to check out her resource website,
please do go make a visit or 3 to ! xox


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