January 07, 2015


 @portapocketgal @CBSDFW @ThatSportsGirl Girl, this is brilliant!!!!!


@portapocketgal this is exactly what I've been needing for YEARS.
Buying this asap.


@portapocketgal @JulieAnnSilver Oh my goodness! I LOVE what you are doing!
I am going to check out all your stuff. This is awesome!!  


@portapocketgal ♥♥I LOVE THAT !! #LifeSaver 
-- @ITSRAJ21 

@portapocketgal OK Thanks much. That's an interesting little way to stash your personal items. Nice.

-- @joystrib 


@portapocketgal Sooo Glad you showed up tonight! I need a PortaPocket for my traveling -
Perfect solution!! On your site buying one now!!!
@portapocketgal I am back and the #portapockets worked great!

I am still using them!!  Thanks so much for a great product!
–- @carece


Top Ten Pickpocket Destinations http://bit.ly/njif6z...
where PortaPocket is just essential!
–- @Kaliczynski 


Wearing my PortaPockets with my sexy dress. No bag, baby!! Woot!
Ping @PortaPocketGal
–- @ferrous


This is cool!! "@mothers_wisdom i don't wear cell near chest;
better on leg http://www.portapocket.com much more versatile :)"
-- @mothers_wisdom


@PortaPocketGal OK that is genius!
–- @_kimrandall 


@PortaPocketGal Hello Angel!! Need to tell you THANK YOU so much!!
PortaPockets rocked NY!! TY 4 t/Fab service!! I & your AWSM product!
-– @YRJewelryGal 

@TraveliciousDee Dee I'm loving my PortaPockets! TYSM.
You are super sweet for thinking of me.
And great to see you again :)
-– @tracycityline 

Someone sent me the portable purse you could wear on your thigh.
Get back to me ASAP. Need to talk with you
–- @SherriEShepherd


@PortaPocketGal I saw Sherri Shepherd tweet you re: getting a PortaPocket.
I'm sending good energy your way.
–- @SportsandBoobs 


@PortaPocketGal I love my portapocket .. slips off quickly b4 I go through the metal detector ... hehehe
-- @DaveMalby 

@TankGirl76 highly recommend a portapocket from @PortaPocketGal.
Speedy service too! :)
–- @scentifi


@PortaPocketGal Hi so I just got my PortaPocket today!
I thnk that's the fastest US mail I've ever gotten! Thank you :)
-- @shissou


@PortaPocketGal merry christmas. Wearing my portapocket to church so i dont 
have to carry a purse. Good plan.

Stop being a target for #thieves at the gym! Check out@PortaPocketGal

#product! Easy sale for this #GymBoundMama! http://portapocket.com 
-- @RaisingReagan


Want a hands-free alternative to the .@NFL #clearbagpolicy? Check out this
cool invention called PortaPocket! via .@portapocketgal
 -- @TheStyleRef

Great idea, @PortaPocketGal! Love my @scottevest @carogonza. Yes, wear our
valuables and watch our teams in a safe environment #NFLAllClear
-- @gracenote

I'll never put my phone in my bra again! Thanks so much @PortaPocketGal!
It's perfection!  
-- @AmericasBarbie


Check out this solution to keeping your "personables" personal during #NFL
games http://bit.ly/13StIXx @PortaPocketGal
-- @JerseyGirlSport


@PortaPocketGal good to know. Thank you. I am excited for Halloween now. 
:) no worries about a lost phone. 
-- @labspaz


@PortaPocketGal omg that's so smart!!
-- @sej060401




Welcome to the Party...! (part 1)

Ah, yes..... time flies when you're having fun!  We've been in this space for years, and the more we go along, the more we see other products introduced into our category...it's a veritable cornucopia, but we're actually glad to see it. Competition is actually good as it just proves the need for what we do.  After all...who doesn't have something small and important to carry, right?!

While we're on the subject, we might as well share a few things you might see out there, and how they differ from PortaPocket...

First up, let's talk about those who have affinity to stash that phone (etc) in their bra. Not sure why people would want to get their stuff so sweaty, but if they want, they can find a host of companies out there touting this very thing. Of course, all of this stems from the thought that often putting a cell phone on your chest area is a good idea. ;/ Hmmmmm....well... the obvious problem with this is twofold...

                    + !

1. sweat can kill your cell
2. health concerns

As far as #2... while it's true nobody can yet realistically claim with certainty that cell phones stored there cause breast cancer (as technology's too new to have a history...) why would you even risk it? Especially as there are viable, convenient options to allow you to hands-free carry things without relying on that bra, why deliberately put a cell phone and its emissions on top of your heart+chest?

There are plenty of articles on the matter...here's one example. Here's also a segment 'Keep your cellphone out of your bra' from Dr Oz, including testimonial from a 21 yr old cancer victim. And yet more evidence.

Fortunately, with PortaPocket, you'll have much more choice in where you wear what you need...without relegating you to use that bra to do the job at all, thankfully! Nevermore will your money get moist, or your skin get indentations from your keys, please ;) Plus, we can suit both gals and guys, too.

Stop on by, and we'll continue with part 2.  
So how about you?
Have you ever stashed your cell in your bra?
Why or why not?



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