August 17, 2014


 @portapocketgal @CBSDFW @ThatSportsGirl Girl, this is brilliant!!!!!


@portapocketgal this is exactly what I've been needing for YEARS.
Buying this asap.


@portapocketgal @JulieAnnSilver Oh my goodness! I LOVE what you are doing!
I am going to check out all your stuff. This is awesome!!  


@portapocketgal ♥♥I LOVE THAT !! #LifeSaver 
-- @ITSRAJ21 

@portapocketgal OK Thanks much. That's an interesting little way to stash your personal items. Nice.

-- @joystrib 


@portapocketgal Sooo Glad you showed up tonight! I need a PortaPocket for my traveling -
Perfect solution!! On your site buying one now!!!
@portapocketgal I am back and the #portapockets worked great!

I am still using them!!  Thanks so much for a great product!
–- @carece


Top Ten Pickpocket Destinations
where PortaPocket is just essential!
–- @Kaliczynski 


Wearing my PortaPockets with my sexy dress. No bag, baby!! Woot!
Ping @PortaPocketGal
–- @ferrous


This is cool!! "@mothers_wisdom i don't wear cell near chest;
better on leg much more versatile :)"
-- @mothers_wisdom


@PortaPocketGal OK that is genius!
–- @_kimrandall 


@PortaPocketGal Hello Angel!! Need to tell you THANK YOU so much!!
PortaPockets rocked NY!! TY 4 t/Fab service!! I & your AWSM product!
-– @YRJewelryGal 

@TraveliciousDee Dee I'm loving my PortaPockets! TYSM.
You are super sweet for thinking of me.
And great to see you again :)
-– @tracycityline 

Someone sent me the portable purse you could wear on your thigh.
Get back to me ASAP. Need to talk with you
–- @SherriEShepherd


@PortaPocketGal I saw Sherri Shepherd tweet you re: getting a PortaPocket.
I'm sending good energy your way.
–- @SportsandBoobs 


@PortaPocketGal I love my portapocket .. slips off quickly b4 I go through the metal detector ... hehehe
-- @DaveMalby 

@TankGirl76 highly recommend a portapocket from @PortaPocketGal.
Speedy service too! :)
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@PortaPocketGal Hi so I just got my PortaPocket today!
I thnk that's the fastest US mail I've ever gotten! Thank you :)
-- @shissou


@PortaPocketGal merry christmas. Wearing my portapocket to church so i dont 
have to carry a purse. Good plan.

Stop being a target for #thieves at the gym! Check out@PortaPocketGal

#product! Easy sale for this #GymBoundMama! 
-- @RaisingReagan


Want a hands-free alternative to the .@NFL #clearbagpolicy? Check out this
cool invention called PortaPocket! via .@portapocketgal
 -- @TheStyleRef

Great idea, @PortaPocketGal! Love my @scottevest @carogonza. Yes, wear our
valuables and watch our teams in a safe environment #NFLAllClear
-- @gracenote

I'll never put my phone in my bra again! Thanks so much @PortaPocketGal!
It's perfection!  
-- @AmericasBarbie


Check out this solution to keeping your "personables" personal during #NFL
games @PortaPocketGal
-- @JerseyGirlSport


@PortaPocketGal good to know. Thank you. I am excited for Halloween now. 
:) no worries about a lost phone. 
-- @labspaz


@PortaPocketGal omg that's so smart!!
-- @sej060401




Yoga pants & leggings with real, usable pockets? Yes please! (& for sweat pants & joggers too...)

I love these types of pants. I wear them all the time. But if you're like me, you probably noticed the pockets in them are so tiny you might be able to get a tissue in there. or maybe an ID, or a single flat key. But  that's about it.  


And as for your phone? Not a chance.
not even close.

The thing is...many of us like to listen to our tunes while we work out. And that means keeping our phones handy. Sure, there are all kinds of armbands & 'fitness belts' out there, but armbands often don't adjust well for smaller linbs, have a tendency to slip down & can dig into your skin, and fitness belts can only be worn one way. Truthfully many of there are not all that comfy while you're working out, and aren't effective for many other uses. Which brings us back to why we need pockets for our yoga pants. 

Try as sportswear manufacturers might, there just isn't a way to make an attractive pair of body-conscious yoga pants that can effectively hold a phone. Ever (lol!).  So they should stop trying. After all, when you're working out at the gym and on all kinds of different equipment, your body is moving in all kinds of ways. Which means now you're sitting on whatever is in your fixed-size, fixed-position pocket in your clothes... or you're trying to bend there. Comfy yet? Plus, if you're actually trying to use that pocket in your pants, now it's bulging out with the phone jammed in there (not to so sexy for your silhouette), and ruining the line of your look.  All in all, it's nothing but a problem.


 So what are the alternatives? Before we even think of calling that bra into duty...let's just not given their phone-killing sweat and those no-good emissions by your chest.  Sure, some women resort to the waistband trick, but sweat continues to be an issue there, and unsecured devices fall down the leg. File that under 'whoops!'

The good news is.... you're in the right place for solutions to this problem, and on your way to FREEDOM! The secret is out... PortaPocket is IN!  

Try this (or this) and you will enjoy confidence... and peace of mind.
Your yoga pants will thank you.





January 12, 2020

UPDATE: even for wearers of those leggings that now DO have pockets for cells (mostly along the mid thigh area)… the problem persists as you’re still sweating (and sometimes laying on) your stuff. Much better to be able to move the pocket out of your way yet still have your cell (etc) ON yourself and not laying on the floor in the MRSA germs etc… why have clothes pockets’ fixed positions limit your lifestyle! ;)


October 14, 2014

I still use my I-pod (instead of my phone) for tunes, but same difference! Yoga pants do not have big pockets, but like you have said, they don’t need to. PP works better for going to the Y.

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