September 14, 2014


YES, we fit iPhone6 /iPhone6Plus and Galaxy Note 4 (& ends 'BendGate'!)

With apple's new lineup of iPhones now out, and Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 here...people are trying to figure out how they're going to carry the larger devices around with them. Clothing pockets are often ill designed to handle the size of these smartphones, and even if you're able to (barely) squeak one in there, no doubt it's ready to fall out, or you're trying to sit or bend there (hmmm...comfy yet?) No problem. We can help.

Our XL PortaPocket pocket is sized to be able to handle either iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, the 6 even with a case on it first, and the 6 Plus, perhaps also with a sleeve. Or the Galaxy Note 4, too. And of course this means you can WEAR your phone, as well. No theft, loss, bending damage or droppage. yay! Here's a photo showing this pocket size along with a Galaxy Note, and one with the iPhone 6:


Video demo showing how iPhone6Plus fits in the XL pocket:           

As soon as the 6Plus is more readily available, we'll see what other possibilities there are with sizing (phone+case). Stay tuned for more info... and photos... as we have them. But either way...  freedom is YOURS!                          

*Recommended kits for carrying iPhone6/6Plus or Galaxy Note, try our Combo Kit or our Waist Belt with Pocket Kit (choose an XL pocket)...examples of how to wear it (on these very small gals ;), below:    












August 17, 2014


Yoga pants & leggings with real, usable pockets? Yes please! (& for sweat pants & joggers too...)

I love these types of pants. I wear them all the time. But if you're like me, you probably noticed the pockets in them are so tiny you might be able to get a tissue in there. or maybe an ID, or a single flat key. But  that's about it.  


And as for your phone? Not a chance.
not even close.

The thing is...many of us like to listen to our tunes while we work out. And that means keeping our phones handy. Sure, there are all kinds of armbands & 'fitness belts' out there, but armbands often don't adjust well for smaller linbs, have a tendency to slip down & can dig into your skin, and fitness belts can only be worn one way. Truthfully many of there are not all that comfy while you're working out, and aren't effective for many other uses. Which brings us back to why we need pockets for our yoga pants. 

Try as sportswear manufacturers might, there just isn't a way to make an attractive pair of body-conscious yoga pants that can effectively hold a phone. Ever (lol!).  So they should stop trying. After all, when you're working out at the gym and on all kinds of different equipment, your body is moving in all kinds of ways. Which means now you're sitting on whatever is in your fixed-size, fixed-position pocket in your clothes... or you're trying to bend there. Comfy yet? Plus, if you're actually trying to use that pocket in your pants, now it's bulging out with the phone jammed in there (not to so sexy for your silhouette), and ruining the line of your look.  All in all, it's nothing but a problem.


 So what are the alternatives? Before we even think of calling that bra into duty...let's just not given their phone-killing sweat and those no-good emissions by your chest.  Sure, some women resort to the waistband trick, but sweat continues to be an issue there, and unsecured devices fall down the leg. File that under 'whoops!'

The good news is.... you're in the right place for solutions to this problem, and on your way to FREEDOM! The secret is out... PortaPocket is IN!  

Try this (or this) and you will enjoy confidence... and peace of mind.
Your yoga pants will thank you.



July 29, 2014


5 reasons why pockets in your clothes don't work...

and how to fix that ;)

I think we all feel that there are never enough pockets in the outfits we are wearing, on occasion. But are pockets in our garments really going to be the solution to the problems we're having?



I was wearing pants with pockets that day my spare tampon decided to take a little unannounced stROLL on the free weights room floor at the gym. *whoops!* So much for that... ;/ And have you seen those gym shorts and yoga pants with the zippered pocket on the back side? Doesn't seem to make much sense if you plan to do sit ups, or even sit down, at all...!

Away from the gym thing...while out working one day, I was wearing a Scottevest vest with a whole lot of pockets. I thought it was great until I literally lost my sunglasses in it. And I couldn't remember which pocket my glasses were in for the life of me. Sometimes more isn't more. And sometimes less isn't less.

As we all know...pocket fail happens... that's the reality. let me count the ways:

pocket fail leads people to look for solutions ....
1. Your things don’t fit.
These days, practically everyone carries a cell phone. And some smart phones are getting larger. Even though they’re still relatively small (let’s say compared to a toaster ;) every inch counts! Ever try to put a Galaxy phone into a pants pocket?

2. Your things fall out.
When you sit in your car. or lay on that bench at the gym. or ride on that roller coaster.
Here comes the whoops.

3. You can’t bend.
Pockets are often right by the hips, so you can easily put your hands in them. Which is a good! The trouble starts when you want to use those same pockets to put your things. which means it’s right where you’re trying to bend when you sit. So that’s bad :(

4. It gets uncomfortable.
Keys jab. Phones and wallets feel bulky in small spaces and get sweaty when worn too close to the skin. Now you’re sitting on your stuff and getting sciatica.

5. It just doesn’t look good.
Isn’t it fun to find clothing with pretty pockets? Or one that has discreet pockets so you don’t ruin the line of the outfit? Seems like a WIN! At least until you actually use them to put your things. Let the bulges begin…
So that's my rant. But I can't imagine I'm the only one who feels this about you?
Have you ever had a "situation" like any of these?

* Has your cell fallen into the toilet?

* Money fallen out of your pocket?

* Tampon made an unscheduled appearance?

* Coins rained down on an amusement park ride?

* Wallet caused back or butt problems?


Please comment below and let us know!

July 18, 2014


Renaissance faire, anyone?

Last weekend it was time for our annual trek up to Wisconsin and the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Always a treat! We've been going for years now, and this time we took some friends with us so it was double the fun :)

I always have a good time watching how the women in costume get "true to the age" by stuffing their money in their cleavage, which inevitably leads to "the conversation!"




This year Angelina wore her belly dancer outfit she got when we went there last year, and had her dragonfly PortaPocket on her leg underneath so she could have money handy when she wanted to add to her fairy collection :)  Sweet!  Such a proud moment when your kid finally "gets" why you do what you do... 


Of course, what do cell phones have in common with medieval times? Not much but you know we all need our cameras (and out lifelines) with us, right?  So, inevitably, you'll also see a little bit of things like this: 

    and       and   

Where the pockets aren't big enough, but phones get shoved in them anyway (whether they work or not...) really can't be all that comfortable, and what about when you sit down? hmmm.....maybe next time for those moms...

Anywho...what about you? have you ever been to a Renaissance faire?

What do you wear when you go?

June 25, 2014


Who's been watching the World Cup?

I guess I should know a little bit more about what is going on here (considering it's been in the news everyday), but honestly I really haven't been paying much attention. One thing I do know is there's a big viewing party in Chicago scheduled for tomorrow and I thought of going down there (wearing my leg, 'natch) for the fun of it, but the wee one wants to go swimming, so...

family first!

I hope those who have ventured to Rio are enjoying the festivities and the electric atmosphere...and finding Brazil a welcome host.  One day I'll get down there, too....

PortaPocket riding shotgun ;)



June 15, 2014



It's Father's Day and I am grateful. Grateful to still have my dad to this day. He who worked so hard for our family when we were small. And spent much time doing so many things so we could have a decent life.

And to all those other fabulous fathers out there who taught their children so much, starting so young. For those who worked so hard to give their kids the things they wished for, even if those things really weren't all that important in the grand scheme. Child-like wishes can be dreams realized. Even if just for a moment...

Savor the time you share with your father. It is precious. It is a gift.


May 23, 2014


Grad Gown Got No Pockets?

It's the milestone day and you want to catch those important moments.  
Why not have a way to keep your smartphone handy to capture all those shots?
Graduation gowns are notoriously pocket-free and so are many of those outfits
you might want to wear for that Big Day...


Wear PortaPocket under your gown and you're good to go! Keeps your ID, cash, cards,
keys and girly stuff (++) handy, without having to babysit that bag.  Plus, there's no need
to micromanage a friend to carry what you need. :))

Larger smartphones fit in a XL PortaPocket pocket which can work over your graduation dress
(and under your grad gown) by lacing it onto a belt or scarf of your choice, and wearing it
as a complement to your outfit. Otherwise, smaller cells can be worn on your leg under
your outfit with ease.

Congrats on your degree!
Now have a degree of peace, knowing where your important things are, too.

Help yourself ;)





May 07, 2014


Congratulations, Grads

It's graduation time!

Who is taking that big step in your family this year?  What an exciting time for the newly minted to go forth and explore our world. Not an easy time out there, but sometimes you just have to jump into the fray.

I know it can be scary and daunting. So many kids have no idea what they're doing, or how they'll fit in. I know I felt like that when I was graduating from University of Michigan (all those years ago!), and I'm sure it's even harder these days, given the state of the world. Despite the "improving" economy, plenty of people are still out of work and wondering how they'll ever get by. All I know is that attitude can make a difference, and a can-do one will serve you well, even in what seems like your darkest days.

Consider life an adventure! Every experience you have shapes you into the person you are today, and who you will become tomorrow. It is a cumulative effect. Nothing that you go through is a loss. Nothing is a waste of time. The things that turn out badly are learning experiences, and the things that bring you joy are your treasured memories, that are with you, always.

Savor today, look forward to tomorrow and realize that nobody has this thing called LIFE all figured out. We all just do the best we can, and go on. And try to make our moments count.  

Blessings to you. All the best. Go with joy and commitment.
And go be the best YOU you can be.




April 28, 2014


the star of our new video had a seizure last weekend...

Working downstairs, late at night, and all of a sudden I hear a ruckus from the 2nd floor that sounds like my husband is going crazy. omg. what is going ON? I rush up there to figure out how I can help. And discover the's my loyal Sasha. on the floor. going through spasms. :((

Our trusted friend has been with our family for almost 14 years. We've been blessed with her presence ever since bringing her cuteness home from the shelter back in the summer of 2000. Oh what a joy she's been! A fabulous addition and now pseudo sibling to our 9 year old daughter. And now a video queen!


Last weekend Sasha rocked the GoPro and worked to make a fun little demo to show how PortaPocket can help people (and animals) carry their own crap. She was perfect and did it all right on cue, thank YOU! Will post soon as you can the meantime, we have to be....ever mindful of her health. because as you know, health is wealth.

The good news is... she seems fine now. This had happened years before and prompted us to get her on a dose of daily phenobarb. Hope her dosage is not too low and is creating the problem...

truly hope we can have her with us for at least a couple more years. She brightens our days and makes every moment a little easier. Makes my heart smile when I walk in that door and hear her.... 






April 13, 2014


it's Coachella time...

which also means it's time to find a cute outfit to wear so you'll feel good in the crowd. And while you're at it, why not wear something that will make your experience more care-free at the same time? You know where to go...check out our bling styles for a little fashion with your function ( ) ...and lose the worry not your stuff. ;)

Who are you looking forward to seeing at Coachella this year?