PortaPocket Combo Kit ~ best seller ~ smartphone arm holster / cell phone leg band

This arm or leg cell phone holder also keeps IDs, cash, cards, keys, cameras, insulin pumps, mic packs & other small essentials handy& safe. Our best-selling 2-pc. phone holder band kit is easy to wear around calf, ankle, arm, or perhaps thigh, and either over/under your outfit. Includes versatile 18" Band: choice of one belt-loop mounted Pocket: 

    > Medium (2.875" x 5") ~ fits small flip phones, insulin pumps, mic packs  
    > Large (3.75" x 5") ~ fits US passports perfectly  
    > Extra Large (4" x 6.5") ~ fits large smartphones incl. iPhone 15/ 15 Pro, Google Pixel, Galaxy S8, Edge, Note, etc.
    > Tall (2.875" x 7.25") ~ fits 1-2 EpiPen auto-injectors or glasses /sunglasses, etc.

You'll find our Combo Kit to be:  

> Super comfy
> Safe & secure (and doesn't fall off!)
> Optionally discreet
> Sweat & moisture resistant
> Great to wear solo or even with a purse/bag to keep vital items closer
> Highly adjustable (all our Bands connect with any other PortaPocket Band to add length, as needed; Pocket can also lace onto your own belt/scarf to tie over an outfit for extra versatility :)

>> OPTION: For completely sealed, waterproof version, choose an XL pocket w/ patented LOKSAK insert which easily fits sizes like iPhone 15 (adds $2). Note: INSERT will likely not fit a MAX or PLUS phone unless you take the cell case off, first << 

*If you plan to carry your cell with a sleeve/case on it, you might need a larger pocket size. e.g.: a 'naked' (case-less) iPhone SE will fit in Medium PortaPocket pocket, but with a case on your cell too, you'll likely need to go up to an XL pocket to fit. 

** We do not recommend using XL pocket on ankle due to pocket size & placement of loops on pocket back as this makes pocket sit too low to ground 

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