Pocket of the Month

Be sleek, discreet and STYLISH …and never lose your ID and credit cards (or other incidentals ;) again!
Perfect for your essentials, this streamlined set includes the most versatile 18" Band and Small credit-card sized Velcro®-mounted detachable Pocket (2.75" x 3.75"). Wear on your arm, ankle, calf or perhaps thigh, and under your outfit for safety. If you need a little longer length, please see our 12” ministrap which connects at end of 18” band to give you what you need.

So comfy you almost forget it’s there! Ideal for use while dancing or out on the town. Pocket also acts as a protective case for your personal items, even when it's not strapped onto your body. Black.

for more photos showing how to wear this on the body, please see PortaPocket Essentials Kit

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