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Quick Qs:

  • Do your guests want to carry their cell phones?
  • Do you find at least some of them losing their phones (among other things), daily?
  • Do you think this situation isn't going away, but is here to stay?

If YES, this is YOU...then PortaPocket to the rescue!

Now you can uncover a new revenue stream while giving your guests a better and more satisfying experience.  
Providing answers to how guests can safely, easily, and comfortably keep their valuables conveniently ON
themselves will heighten their enjoyment, and lessen your staff's constant hassle with retrieving and returning
lost items to their owners. See how, in < 2 minutes:

Here's our 3-pc recommended kit,
the PortaPocket 36" Band & XL Pocket Kit with Waterproof Insert:


PortaPocket's been vetted and proven to work on major coasters and thrill rides:


For best success, we highly recommend you offer guests these solutions via your website (FAQs)
and at the gate, by lockers and Lost & Found...
and for guests who want to carry water bottles conveniently, check out our GoCaddy,
which can be a terrific addition to your gift shops:

Call Kendra Kroll at 847-809-3408 (we're based in Chicago, USA),
or e-mail for wholesale and merchandising details.

We can't wait to help you
lose the worry...not your stuff