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True story from Dianne R:

"Got a waterproof case to use on was ~4" x 6", clear, and had lanyard to hang
around neck. I put my phone, hotel keycard & cash in it and headed to the pool.
When I started swimming the case floated in front of me and kept hitting me in the face or
floating off to the side. Glad it floated, but nervous about it getting caught on something
choking me so I had to tuck it into my suit. This was uncomfortable and not why I
purchased it.  I never used it again..."
While guests likely won't report they're having this problem, the issue exists and affects
their enjoyment. Give your guests a better, safer experience with PortaPocket®.
It'll deliver added revenue, and bring guests greater value & peace of mind.

And keeps guests' cell phones, ID/cards & more handy & dry.
(see demos below) 

Capture new revenue & assure guests a more positive visit. Our patented, LANYARD FREE
solution means less risk, and eliminates snag & strangle situations while keeping personal
property securely ON your guests (+not down the river as when a lanyard breaks away).

Increase in-park spending with best way folks can safely, easily, comfortably wear small valuables 
yet have immediate access to them. PortaPocket works on all rides (from wet to dry), so guests are
happier, and you'll lessen time spent retrieving/ returning lost items. And no getting caught in the
ride restraints, machinery, or wheels like lanyards can. See how we roll, in < 2 min:

Our highly versatile, wearable 3-pc Parks kit is crafted from body-hugging neoprene and is the
only 100% fully modular system in this category. Safe, lanyard-free design eliminates snag risk,
and water/wind drag. No plastic or metal parts to dig into skin = superior comfort. Kit includes

  • 36" PortaPocket® Band (fully adjustible; for hip/waist or arm/leg)

  • XL PortaPocket® Pocket (4"x6.5") w/Velcro® seal flap & belt-loop mountings (works on your own belt too)

  • Patented LokSak® Waterproof Insert (effective to 200' deep!)

PortaPocket's been vetted and proven to work on major coasters and thrill rides:


For best success, we highly recommend offering guests these solutions
via your website (FAQs), at the gate, by lockers, and Lost & Found...

Call Kendra Kroll at 847-809-3408 (we're based in Chicago, USA),
or e-mail for wholesale and
merchandising details.

Must have pockets that work?
This is it! Offer your guests the best solution to this daily problem
of how to safely carry their cells & small essentials
and show them how much you care.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have Halloween events & have implemented a restrictive bag policy,
guests will be much happier when you offer solutions that are permissible & WORK.
Less hassle means more satisfied guests. Win-Win!


ADDITIONAL ASSORTMENT OPTION (to help keep guests hydrated):

for guests who want to carry water bottles conveniently, try
our GoCaddy®, which can be branded with your logo and
makes a terrific addition to your gift shops: