Why you need PortaPocket for gym workouts (& beyond)

Having pockets in your clothes covers your bases at the gym, right? 

Well, the truth is...

The problem with relying on pockets in clothes is that they're ineffective.
If they're even there at all.

Think about it.
When you work out, you're moving around and at times in very specific ways...
You're sitting here
bending there
standing in a certain place to exercise certain muscles group...

And you know you want your phone with you as it's got your music & gym pass on it,
and you want to take photos sometimes.  

But using your pants pockets, waistband or bra to stash these becomes uncomfortable,
so you leave your cellphone & keys++ lying around the gym in random places.
And now you've misplaced your stuff.

No more!
Your answer's HERE

PortaPocket ensures your success with carrying the small essentials you need,
safely, comfortably & conveniently.
Now just go do your thing and never worry again.