Why wait for the "whoops!"

Haven't you ever: 

  • Broken a cellphone from sweat or a fall (on floor or in toilet!) 
  • Stuck things in your sock, shoe, sleeve or bra?
  • Worried about your bag while you're out dancing?
  • Had your things fly off on a roller coaster?
  • Been a victim of theft, loss or inconvenience?

Fortunately you're in the right place to ease the pain. Now you can avoid these problems before they start... (yay)!  Much better to be smart (not sorry), and have solutions to those little minefields that life has a way of dishing out. Just click on the kind of purpose you have in mind (see the 3 boxes below), and let's see how we can help you help yourself:

PortaPocket Basics (no bling)

Original pieces for those who appreciate simplicity and a clean design.


Style savvy gals love a little sparkle. Choose selections from our newest line...bringing you all the peace of mind as PortaPocket, along with fashion flair. Complete assortment of kits and accessories to enhance your safety and convenience.


PortaPocket Notebook

Renaissance faire, anyone?

July 18, 2014

Last weekend it was time for our annual trek up to Wisconsin and the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Always a treat! We've been going for years now, and this time we took some friends with us so it was double the fun :)I always have a good time watching how the women in costume get "true to the age" by stuffing their money in their cleavage, which inevitably leads to "the conversation!"                            This year Angelina wore her belly dancer outfit she got when we went there last year, and had her dragonfly PortaPocket on her leg underneath so she could have money handy when she wanted to add to her fairy collection... Continue Reading →

Who's been watching the World Cup?

June 25, 2014

I guess I should know a little bit more about what is going on here (considering it's been in the news everyday), but honestly I really haven't been paying much attention. One thing I do know is there's a big viewing party in Chicago scheduled for tomorrow and I thought of going down there (wearing my leg, 'natch) for the fun of it, but the wee one wants to go swimming, so... family first! I hope those who have ventured to Rio are enjoying the festivities and the electric atmosphere...and finding Brazil a welcome host.  One day I'll get down there, too.... PortaPocket riding shotgun ;)     Continue Reading →


June 15, 2014

It's Father's Day and I am grateful. Grateful to still have my dad to this day. He who worked so hard for our family when we were small. And spent much time doing so many things so we could have a decent life. And to all those other fabulous fathers out there who taught their children so much, starting so young. For those who worked so hard to give their kids the things they wished for, even if those things really weren't all that important in the grand scheme. Child-like wishes can be dreams realized. Even if just for a moment... Savor the time you share with your father. It is precious. It is a gift. xo  Continue Reading →