Why wait for the "whoops!"

Haven't you ever: 

  • Broken a cellphone from sweat or a fall (on floor or in toilet!) 
  • Stuck things in your sock, shoe, sleeve or bra?
  • Worried about your bag while you're out dancing?
  • Had your things fly off on a roller coaster?
  • Been a victim of theft, loss or inconvenience?

Fortunately you're in the right place to ease the pain. Now you can avoid these problems before they start... (yay)!  Much better to be smart (not sorry), and have solutions to those little minefields that life has a way of dishing out. Just click on the kind of purpose you have in mind (see the 3 boxes below), and let's see how we can help you help yourself:

PortaPocket Basics (no bling)

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Style savvy gals love a little sparkle. Choose selections from our newest line...bringing you all the peace of mind as PortaPocket, along with fashion flair. Complete assortment of kits and accessories to enhance your safety and convenience.


PortaPocket Notebook

YES, we can fit iPhone6 and iPhone6Plus

September 14, 2014

With apple's recent announcement of its new lineup of the latest iPhones, many people are now starting to think about how they are going to carry the larger devices around with them. Clothing pockets are often ill designed to handle the size of these larger smartphones, and even if you are able to (barely) squeak one in there, no doubt it is ready to fall out, or you are trying to sit or bend there (hmmmm...comfy yet?) No problem. We can help. Our XL PortaPocket pocket is sized to be able to handle either iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus, the 6 even with a case on it first, and the 6 Plus, perhaps also with a sleeve. And of course... Continue Reading →

Yoga pants with real, usable pockets? Yes please!

August 17, 2014

I love yoga pants. I wear them all the time. But if you're like me, you probably noticed the pockets in yoga pants are so tiny you might be able to get a tissue in there. or maybe an ID, or a single flat key. But that's about it.          And as for your phone? Not a chance.not even close. The thing is...many of us like to listen to our tunes while we work out. And that means keeping our phones handy. Sure, there are all kinds of armbands out there, but often they don't adjust well for smaller arms and have a tendency to slip down, or dig into your skin. And truthfully they're not all that comfy... Continue Reading →

5 reasons why pockets in your clothes don't work...

July 29, 2014

and how to fix that ;) I think we all feel that there are never enough pockets in the outfits we are wearing, on occasion. But are pockets in our garments really going to be the solution to the problems we're having?     I was wearing pants with pockets that day my spare tampon decided to take a little unannounced stROLL on the free weights room floor at the gym. *whoops!* So much for that... ;/ And have you seen those gym shorts and yoga pants with the zippered pocket on the back side? Doesn't seem to make much sense if you plan to do sit ups, or even sit down, at all...! Away from the gym thing...while out... Continue Reading →