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So...how are those pockets in your clothes working out for you? 

Haven't you ever: 

  • Broken a cellphone from sweat or a fall? (onto floor or in toilet ;/ )
  • Stuck things in your sock, shoe, sleeve or bra? (for why using bras can be an issue, see THIS)
  • Worried about your bag while you're out dancing?
  • Had your cell fly off a roller coaster? (to avoid that, see THIS)
  • Been a victim of theft, loss or inconvenience?
Let's make life easier!  
Our patented PortaPocket will help solve these problems before they start
and give you answers to those little minefields life has a way of dishing out. 
Just click on the kind of purpose you have in mind (see the 3 boxes below),
and let's see how we can help you help yourself!:

PortaPocket Kits

The best place to begin! Complete 2-pc and 3-pc PortaPocket kits include one Band and either one or two Pockets of various sizes. Get started on your way to hands-free FREEDOM...and never lose your cell phone or ID (etc) again:


PortaPocket Notebook

Grateful for Abilities!

June 27, 2017

What a wonderful treat to be part of this very special Expo last weekend. Abilities is a show that celebrates people with all kinds of unique situations and offers resources and tools to make their lives easier and better.       We are thrilled to help people have a better way to always know their cell phones, ID/cards. medical devices and other small essentials are at all times :))  #justWEARit  #pocketsRx  Continue Reading →

Happy Mother's Day weekend!

May 13, 2017

    It's Mother's Day tomorrow. Enjoy!  Mothers are a blessing and should be cherished, daily.Hug. Smile. Repeat. To every mom out there... this is for YOU! Love, PortaPocketxox Continue Reading →