are those pockets in your clothing working out for you? you really want to rely on that bag? Seriously. Haven't you ever: 

  • Broken a cellphone from sweat or a fall? (onto floor or in toilet ;/ )
  • Stuck things in your sock, shoe, sleeve or bra? (for why using a bra can be an issue, see THIS)
  • Worried about your bag while you're out dancing?
  • Had your things fly off a roller coaster? (to avoid that, see THIS)
  • Been a victim of theft, loss or inconvenience?

Fortunately you're in the right place to ease the pain. Our patented PortaPocket will help you avoid these problems before they start.  Isn't it much better to be smart (not sorry), and have solutions to those little minefields that life has a way of dishing out? Just click on the kind of purpose you have in mind (see the 3 boxes below), and let's see how we can help you help yourself!:

PortaPocket Basics (no bling)

Original pieces for those who appreciate simplicity and a clean design.


Style savvy gals love a little sparkle. Choose selections from our newest line...bringing you all the peace of mind as PortaPocket, along with fashion flair. Complete assortment of kits and accessories to enhance your safety and convenience.


PortaPocket Notebook

Having a SUPER Sunday?

February 07, 2016

It's Super Bowl Sunday in the USA!   Who do you think will win?  It's Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos vs the upstart Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. For me, it's a toss up and a game I really don't mind who comes out on top. Just as long as it's competitive and fun to watch :) Even though my fav team the Bears are out this year, at least both teams on the field today have some Bears connection, having been previously coached by our current Head, John Fox! ;) And of course there's Ron Rivera. Now the successful 3-time NFC South Champion Head Coach of the Panthers, he was also one of the famed Super Bowl XX... Continue Reading →

Throw me that EpiPen...STAT! (drama @ Australian Open)

January 19, 2016

News for the Australian Open comes word that a spectator collapsed while watching the match. Potentially had an anaphylactic shock. This is what happened next: @EmjKirk: @HaydnHenderson was down below us so couldn't really see, apparently had she a seizure though - luckily someone in the crowd had an epipen @dshban: Play stops and medic called for at Hisense Arena. Epipen being thrown from the other side of the arena to help! #AusOpen @FOXSportsNews @keenatGCB:  Epipen thrown through 3 sets of hands from top of Hisense Arena to reach collapsed spectator #AusOpen fans really are world's best..she's ok @lukegriffo:  Another eventful shift at Hisense. Patrons services Staff should be praised how they handled the situation. Whoever threw the epipen Whether she ultimately needed the meds... Continue Reading →

An ode to Ziggy Stardust

January 14, 2016

Learning of David Bowie's passing brought back memories of a different age. It was an age of innocence and creativity. It was my teen years. And David Bowie sang to me, no matter how hard my day or how difficult navigation was through all those adolescent minefields. He would always bring me joy. So hard to fathom this singular talent is no longer with least in this life as we know it. But we are blessed to have witnessed his colorful characters over the years, and are privileged to hold onto his art... in our hearts and our minds. Life is short.But his legacy lives. Ground Control yearns for you. God speed, Major Tom.     Continue Reading →